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First learn to “admit your fault”; Ordinary sentient beings are not sincere; I think I’m right before and after; Mistakes if there are quick to blame people; When I deny, alas!; It was the biggest mistake of my life!

Portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Second, we must learn to be “gentle”

Our teeth are very hard, our tongues are very soft

At the end of life, teeth will fall out

While the tongue is still intact

So need to be soft and gentle

The path to progress! Our life is long!

Third, learn “patience” all the time

Ring of calm waves, peaceful sea

At the same time, all things are well

Ring is only using your wisdom

To solve life’s problems

Big things become small, small things become nothing!

Wednesday learn to “understand” always

When we understand the source and the end,

Mistakes will not be made

Will quickly sympathize, all words of disparagement

Doubts and disputes are gone

Shoulder to shoulder, join hands to enforce peace!

Thursday “give up“quickly”

Life is like a luggage bag

When needed, carry it on your body

If you don’t need it, put it on the sidelines

Don’t try to carry heavy

Life is limited, nothing lasts

After letting go, how free

In harmony with the human, who would blame!

Six is ​​to learn “touchy”

With a bodhisattva mind, bodhichitta love

Happy for the advantages mentioned

Sad when people encounter misfortune

How beautiful is the heart fluttering

Full of love, full of kindness!

Seven is to learn “survival”

Stay healthy forever

I have benefited myself

Make friends and family feel safe

Keeping the body alive

Also being filial to your loved ones!


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