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“Wanting but not getting what you want is suffering”: What we want but can’t get is suffering. For example, if you want to pass an exam, what if you fail? – Too bad! Besides the exam, there are many other things to pray for. Like in business, in love… many people want to commit suicide because their wishes are not fulfilled.

Human miserable when unsatisfied, such as desire, excessive desire for one’s own needs. For example, when you are hungry, you want to have food to eat, and when you are full, you want to be rich and rich, and have someone to serve you.

There are also sufferings in life. In life, if people get what they want, they’re happy, if they don’t like it, they’re sad, if they’re sad, they’re miserable. Each of us try to look back at our lives to see if there are many good things or unhappiness and suffering? Happy people have less unsatisfactory things, but all have unsatisfactory things. Unsatisfactory, miserable or happy? Suffering of course!

Many people suffer because they want too much. Illustration.

Be a Dharma seeker, not a fortune seeker

People suffer when they are exposed to things they don’t like or hate. The more people expect in life, the more disappointed they become. In any case, the number of people who are satisfied is so rare that those who are not satisfied are incalculable. In order to get good results, one has to use countless energies, work hard, lose sleep, eat and sleep, just hope to come to success soon. Then, unfortunately, those wishes did not come true, the suffering did not know where the end was.

Here are a few examples of disappointments that people experience most often.

Disappointment because of fame: In life, fame is often a delicious bait that most people love, but that bait is not easy to win. Not to mention the skydivers who want to be the official short, so most of them fail, just talking about the case of those who legitimately seek fame with their ability and intelligence alone have to taste a lot of failure. , in the end may be successful.

Disappointed because of wealth: The number of people disappointed by fame has been many, but the number of people disappointed by wealth is not small. Wanting to get rich quickly, many people find tricks to deceive people, but then the fraud scheme fails, property is confiscated, they are imprisoned, their family is humiliated, it is really miserable.

Disappointed because of love: Love is also a thing that makes many people suffer and suffer. In the love school, try to ask how many people are satisfied, and in the daily newspapers, the difficult love stories that lead to self-sacrifice are indescribable. That is”wish should not be suffering”.


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