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Binh Duong village is located at the southernmost point of Tong Dao district, the junction of two provinces of Hunan and Guangxi; because the transportation is not convenient, so there is little interaction with the outside world. The ethnic cultural heritage in the village is very deep, folk customs are pure and simple.

The mystery of the children’s “past lives”: Report the killer?

The custom of not picking up things dropped on the street, not closing doors at night continues to this day. Every household is close to each other, so everyone is close to each other, trusting each other, rarely suspicious of others. Those who have visited think that this place is basically a paradise.

In 2008, Duong Thinh Ngoc, head of the cultural station in Binh Duong village, opened a blog and posted 9 stories about people regenerationeach story has an identity, read up to ten parts truth.

These stories began to spread rapidly on the Internet.

Map of China’s Hunan Province.

In early 2009, local news site Hoai Hoa Tan Van sent reporters to investigate. Reporters interviewed Binh Duong village secretary at that time. The secretary said: “Although we are not able to do a scientific investigation of what the cause is, this kind of peculiar cultural phenomenon is very common here. Our Binh Duong village has a population of just over 7,800 people. According to our cultural survey of the phenomenon of reincarnation, which we are still statistics, there are about one hundred cases of people regeneration“.

Following the instructions of the villagers, the reporter interviewed two families with “reincarnated people”, and corroborated two more cases of identity, one was the case of “pig reincarnated into a human”, and the other was “human”. is the most known “reincarnator” in Binh Duong, the reincarnation story of middle-aged woman Thach Sang Nhan.

The newspaper reporter interviewed Luc Cu Dao, the mother of a boy surnamed Wu. She said, when the boy was over a year old, he started telling her that he was a pig. But she didn’t think much of it. When the child was 2 or 3 years old, whenever he saw someone picking vegetables and pigs in the field, he had to advise them, which vegetables are too bitter, which vegetables are too spicy, not to eat much…

This mother said that the boy was always scared when he saw Dung Mo, the butcher in the village. Every time he saw the butcher, he ran home as fast as he could. Gradually, the villagers felt that there was something strange here, so they tried to ask the boy why.

The story of pigs being reborn as humans in Hunan shocked China 10 years ago

The story of pigs being reborn as humans in Hunan shocked China 10 years ago

Stories of reincarnation through the eyes of a Bodhisattva

The boy said that previous life he is a big white pig raised in his grandfather’s house. That day, Mr. Dung Mo butcher brought people to buy pigs; The white pig felt unwell, ran out of his life to the mountain behind the house, but was caught by Dung Mo and the others and brought to the slaughter.

The story of the white pig reincarnating into a human quickly spread. Since then, people who saw the boy immediately called him “little white pig”.

And the butcher Dung Mo also swore that he would never kill again in this life.


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