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I write my own story, with no intention but to share my life experiences, with the desire to find sympathy and learn useful lessons together.

When I first got married, I decided to do something to earn a lot of money. So I jumped in. With little money in hand, I opened a small restaurant and raised my hopes… I took care of my dream day and night. All described, frantically worried about everything but in the end the results were not as expected. And so after half a year, my shop was wiped out. I am not only empty-handed, but also have a large debt. Too much impatience, too much desire, combined with my inexperience and inexperienced calculation, failed me miserably.

When people want or expect something too much and do not get it, they will fall into dire need and sorrow. Me too, after that failure I was really depressed, had a severe mental crisis, and I fell right from the first step. People have sympathized and encouraged me a lot, but those words seem to mean nothing to me.

Be always wise and optimistic looking at life through rose-colored glasses, ignoring material desires for serenity, happiness and peace of mind. Photo: Internet

I am miserable, disgusted and resentful with all that surrounds me. My mind is spinning, my body is hot as if someone is on fire, my limbs keep shaking, the blood vessels on both sides of my temples stretch and jerk like they want to burst, my eyes are blurred, it seems to be mixed. tear. To me, the world around me is meaningless and dark, full of disappointment and pessimism.

After that period of mental decline, I also had to get up and go to work to pay the debt. I got a job in a factory, but inside I was still an emptiness, a brain and a boredom. From work to life and everyone around me is pale in my eyes. I longed to own a lot of money. Only a lot of money makes life happy, a lot of money makes life happy. I see the coins flying back and forth, dancing in front of my eyes, they make my thirst for money burn again fiercely. I was too infatuated with extreme material desires.

Then one day, there was the wailing cry of a small being. And from then on I officially became a father. There was a very strange feeling pervading and spreading in my soul. The happiness of being a father almost made me cry, my heart warmed, the joy made me younger – that’s how I feel – I suddenly felt like my life was changed, transformed.

For the first time, after being no longer me, now I have found myself again, at peace, at peace and with a life full of meaning. I was happy to realize that, I don’t need too much money or anything too far, I just need a peaceful home, a good wife and beautiful children, that’s happiness and joy.

It turns out that the line between happiness and suffering, between ambition and peace, serenity in just a few inches. It is important that people know wisely and soon wake up after blind desires to find true values ​​in life.

In life, money and material things are not necessarily the most important thing, but above all, take care of your loved ones and nurture your beloved home. It’s both a responsibility and a happy again. Being too passionate about money and then wallowing in failure and forgetting about family responsibilities is a deplorable mistake. Be always wise and optimistic looking at life through rose-colored glasses, ignoring material desires for serenity, happiness and peace of mind.


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