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Seeing the medical examination card with her own eyes, listening to every word the doctor said clearly, everything for Hanh then seemed to collapse, the happiness that was overflowing suddenly disappeared, her face immediately disappeared. sharp, no longer a natural smiling face.

Unlike previous ultrasounds, the doctor’s face this time was very serious, his eyebrows raised, his eyes focused on the ultrasound screen in front of him, his hand kept moving over the pregnant belly of the pregnant woman. check it out again. Haizz… Yes, there are signs that something is wrong.

The doctor was embarrassed to have to announce this bad news to a woman who was still filled with the happiness of being a mother, the joy clearly showing on Hanh’s always radiant face. Instead of talking directly to the patient, the doctor lowered the ultrasound device, walked out to the desk, took a pen and wrote a few short lines on the medical notebook that was already on the table, accompanied by a photo of the ultrasound. adjacent fetal sound.

Maternal My Hanh, born in 1983, residing in Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City, 13 weeks pregnant, concluded that the fetus has signs of Down syndrome at a very high risk level.

Seeing the doctor’s serious face, not responding happily to her joy as usual, but quietly going to the desk to wait there, making Hanh feel that something was wrong. Although she was only 13 weeks pregnant, but as a mother for the first time, she couldn’t help but be surprised and cherished, Hanh slowly got out of the familiar white single bed, then slowly walked out to the chair opposite her. Talk to your doctor, like you’re ready to wait for something bad to happen to you.

The doctor pushed the check sheet in front of Hanh while saying:

– Let’s see the results. The fetus shows signs of Down syndrome. I need to do amniocentesis to check in a few weeks.

Seeing the medical examination card with her own eyes, listening to every word the doctor said clearly, everything for Hanh then seemed to collapse, the happiness that was overflowing suddenly disappeared, her face immediately disappeared. sharp, no longer a natural smiling face.

If you want your children to be healthy and filial to your parents, you should recite the Great Compassion Mantra

The baby in the belly is not only the happiness of Hanh alone, but also the expectation of her whole family. The sky seemed to collapse in front of her, Hanh was confused and strongly moved by the conclusion just now.

That very day, thinking nothing more, Hanh just wandered off to a place that was familiar to her, but it’s been a long time since she got married Hanh no longer comes: Quan The Am temple- Thich Quang Duc is located in Phu Nhuan district. Standing in front of the temple gate, Hanh raised her face to the sky and looked at the blue clouds that were drifting by. In her mind, many vague, dreamy thoughts about the future did not know where to go.

Hanh unintentionally walked quickly into the temple, she knelt down in front of the statue of Duc Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva tall and dignified, bursting into tears, as if a young child after so many days away could now return to his gentle mother.

Two lines of tears rolled down her cheeks, Hanh earnestly requested the Bodhisattva to bless the child in her womb to be safe and sound. Hanh making a strong vow before him will often go to the temple to bow to him and keep Uncle Dai Bi not be late, despite the busyness of a married woman who is more than three months pregnant.

Hanh has inherently had a good relationship with the Buddha Dharma since childhood, normally she often follows relatives and friends to the temple to chant sutras with the ashram. But since getting married until now, because there are more things to take care of, Hanh doesn’t go to the temple often anymore. Only when something like this happened, she didn’t know where to hold on to, that she suddenly remembered the Three Jewels. Hanh’s heart now feels extremely remorseful because the past time has been so absorbed in the vortex of life that he forgot to go to the roof of the loving temple.

We are usually like that. When they are happy, they are nowhere to be found, only when they are sad will they find them. This mindset needs to change. Because if you only look to the Buddhadharma to ask for this and that, then that is not the true reverence for the Three Jewels.

Since then, Hanh arranged her work, almost every day she went to the temple, she respectfully bowed down before the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara and recited the Great Compassion mantra very earnestly, sincerely, and repented. Just like that until your legs are tired, your throat is dry, and you can’t work anymore.

It went on like that until a few weeks later…

According to the doctor’s appointment, Hanh went to the hospital for an amniocentesis test. She was so nervous that she couldn’t think of anything, and couldn’t say a word. At the end of the procedure, Hanh and her family sat in the hallway waiting for the results. Only a few hours have passed, but the stars are so long, it feels like a whole day.

– My Hanh received the results. – the nurse standing in front of the doctor’s door shouted loudly amidst the crowd of people waiting along the corridor.

Hanh immediately rushed to receive the amniocentesis test sheet, her eyes darting back and forth ignoring the specialized information that she did not understand, just wanted to find the conclusion on the examination card. Here it is, at the bottom of the page there is a conclusion: “Normal fetus”.

Hanh opened her eyes wide, looking back and forth as if she was afraid of seeing the wrong thing. But no, she was not mistaken, it was those four words: “Normal fetus”.

Hanh calmed down a bit, then calmed down, then broke down, all worries and stress just now disappeared. She was both happy and emotional, thinking of the boundless compassion of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara and deeply grateful from the bottom of her heart.

Hanh was pregnant with her first child in 2011 and now the child has grown, developed healthily, with no signs of instability. Hanh’s earnestness and sincerity inspired Avalokitesvara. Happy instead take refuge in the Three Jewelshappy to be dependent on the Buddha Dharma.

Namo Great Compassion Great Compassion Rescue Suffering Rescue Spirit Touching Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva!


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