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At one time, the Blessed One was staying at Sàvatthi. Then King Pasenadi of Kosala, at noon went to the Blessed One, after arriving, bowed down to the Blessed One and sat down to one side. The Blessed One said to King Pasenadi who was sitting to one side:

– Your Majesty, where did the King come from in the middle of the day like this?

– Here, Lord, there is a millionaire householder in Sàvatthi who has died, and I have come to see the property of the childless person being transported to the inner city. World-Honored One, there are eight million gold coins, not to mention silver coins. White World Honored One, however, the food of the millionaire householder only consisted of sour porridge left behind yesterday. And the cloth to wear is only linen cloth sewn into three sheets. The car is a small, old and dilapidated car, with a canopy covered with leaves.

– Indeed it is, Your Majesty! A person who is not a true person, great king, even if he acquires great wealth, does not bring him happiness, does not bring happiness to his parents, does not bring happiness to his wife and children, does not bring happiness to others. the people who serve, make the workers happy, do not bring peace to friends and relatives; for the recluses, brahmins, do not design the offerings upward, capable of leading to the upper world, leading to bliss, toward the heavenly world. If that person’s property is not used properly, in time kings will plunder, or steal, or plunder, or be burned by fire, or swept away by water, or plundered by hostile heirs. Such is the case, Great King, if property is not used properly, it leads to loss, not to enjoyment.

And the True One, great king, has great wealth, brings peace to himself, brings peace to his parents, brings happiness to his wife and children, brings peace to servants, to others. working, bringing peace to friends and relatives; for the recluses and brahmins, set up offerings directed upwards, capable of ascending to the upper world, leading to bliss and fruition, towards the heavenly realm. That person’s possessions are used righteously, in the days of kings and kings they do not rob, or steal, or plunder, or are not burned by fire, or swept away by water, or plundered by hostile heirs and heirs. . Such is the case, Great King, if property is used properly, it will lead to enjoyment, not loss.

(Similar series I, chapter 3, chapter 2)

Buddha taught his disciples we should know enough to prevent our greed.


Making a lot of money, having great assets is very difficult, but knowing how to use money properly and rationally is not easy. New or good, it’s not like “you can buy money if you have money”.

It can be seen that “righteous use of life” is the point of view of World Honored One about using money, roughly speaking, spending money, using your own money to benefit yourself and others.

First of all, the money I make is to improve my own life, bring peace to my parents and wife and children, and generally build a happy and prosperous family. Next is to share that benefit with associates, employees, friends, who have contributed to making money for you.

It is worth mentioning here that the Blessed One mentioned bilateral interests. Paying attention to the interests of the community, most recently associates and friends as a way to maintain stable and sustainable development. In the context of extremely harsh class discrimination such as ancient Indian society, this view of the Blessed One is worthy of respect.

Not only establishing happiness in the present, the Blessed One also taught how to establish happiness in the future life by making offerings to the recluses. Three Treasures is the best field of merit in the world, using a part of the property that is offered to the Three Jewels to beautify the merit and reward itself is also a meaningful use of money.

After all, money is just a means. If you spend frivolously, without using the money you get to benefit your personal and community life, that money doesn’t seem to have much value, because you don’t know how to use it properly. Or, if you want to save money to fill the barn, it won’t generate more benefits for you and people will end up leaving empty-handed.

Therefore, a Buddhist disciple, after working hard and earning money, needs to use money properly to bring benefits to themselves and others, this life and the lives to come.


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