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Billionaire Warren Buffett believes that financial success is not the key to his happiness. In the past, Buffett has also said that relying on money to make yourself happy is unsuccessful.

Billionaire Warren Buffett is one of the few people who have both had an admirably successful career and a happy and peaceful private life. He is loved by everyone not only because of his natural ability in the business field, but also because he leads a happy life with a disciplined life principle.

Billionaire Warren Buffett believes that financial success is not the key to his happiness. In the past, Buffett has also said that relying on money to make yourself happy is unsuccessful.

“Even a million dollars won’t make you happy. It won’t, because then your happiness will disappear when you look around and see other people have $2 million,” Warren Buffett speak.

From his own life experiences, billionaire Warren Buffett has given 7 “golden” lessons to create a balanced life between success and happiness.

1. Let’s read books

Warren Buffett has always believed in the power of “Compound Interest” – what Albert Einstein always considered the 8th wonder of the world. He applied compound interest not only in business, but also in his life. Every day, Buffett always takes time to read more than 500 pages of books and newspapers to update the latest information in the world despite being 91 years old.

In particular, if he has free time, he will read the 10-K report – a file containing the business information that investors want to know before buying or selling shares of stock in the company or investing. invest in corporate bonds. From there, Buffett will be able to easily identify and analyze the companies he’s interested in investing in.

Not only that, when the digital industry is increasingly developing, reading books on applications at any time will help you both have time to relax as well as improve your knowledge. Therefore, Buffett advises each person to read books as a daily habit to be more successful in the future.

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2. Live simply

Despite owning a huge fortune, Warren Buffett loves a simple life. He still lives in the house he bought in the 1950s, eats breakfast at McDonald’s and drives the old car he bought years ago.

Buffett said: “Live simple help me get rid of the pressures of life. In particular, it helps me focus on what I value most in this life. That’s why I always do the simplest things to have the greatest joy in this world.”

3. Live with integrity

Warren Buffett values ​​integrity above any other quality, even above intelligence or drive. Interestingly, he believes that there is no quality that cannot be developed, including integrity. Therefore, the most important thing is that you must know how to examine yourself and practice this quality in life to be able to achieve success.

Warren Buffett always demonstrates his integrity in all business dealings. Once he has made his promise to someone, he will try to fulfill it and idealize it into reality. Therefore, Buffett has left his shareholders and businesses with valuable images and good values ​​of this quality.


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4. Practice communication

In fact, as a child, Warren Buffett was very shy. But, he realized very early on that communication is the tool, the key to success. So he took the time to take a public speaking course to improve his communication skills. This helped him in business and later in life.

It can be said that it was the course that changed his life. “If you are not good at expressing your views, now is a great time to take a communication course,” he said. It will help you meet many people as well as practice public speaking skills later on.”

5. Do what you love

Warren Buffett identified goals very early in life. Because of his love for it, he easily achieved success in his work.

From there, he advises people to do what they love because life is too short to struggle with a job you don’t like. So, if you don’t love what you’re doing, keep looking for work that makes you feel passionate. Then, no matter how difficult the job, your passion and interest in the profession will help you through.

6. Stay humble

Despite possessing a wealth of knowledge and wealth, Warren Buffett is still extremely humble and are not afraid to admit their mistakes. He has also revealed his lack of expertise in certain areas. For example, when people ask why he doesn’t invest in technology, he says he doesn’t understand technology well and he can’t invest in such a careless and unprofessional manner.

Thereby, Buffett said: “Humility can be developed by listening and giving feedback. This is also essential and important for success. So always question yourself and admit mistakes if there are any.”

7. Be generous with what you have

Warren Buffett once said, “I use only 1% of my earnings and am willing to give away 99% of my wealth.” In fact, he has donated more than 34 billion dollars to various charities, education, …. He believes that the rest of the money will be increasingly developed and can reach the rightful beneficiaries.

Buffett doesn’t think money is everything. For him, sharing his money with the community is the best thing – making the society stronger and the next generation more opportunities to develop themselves.


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