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What should I do to solve this sheep injustice? So can I leave home? Leaving home? He can’t do it! (Because I am too attached, I love you too much). Just a few days without seeing them, you can’t eat well, can’t sleep, right?

In the summer of 1994, a male layman over 50 years old came to a certain temple and directed Venerable Dieu Phap to confess his sorrow.

He said before that his relationship with his wife was very good. But since the birth of the first child, the wife’s temper began to be erratic, often looking for quarrels to make it difficult, often arguing loudly, sometimes even hitting, scratching … making him hurt all over his body. you, your face. Although he was very angry in his heart, he had never fought back, as if he had no resentment towards her.

Then she gave birth to a second child, the process became more complicated, so tragic that he could not enter the house, because there was always a scene of tumultuous conflicts like heaven and earth.

Reluctantly, he had to apply for early retirement. In the past, because he was so troubled, he take refuge in Buddha subjects, retired, then moved to the temple to live. Due to the small pension, except for keeping the money to eat, he gave all the rest to her to raise her two children to study. But the meager salary made her even more furious. Currently, he is sick and has to take care of himself, not daring to go to the hospital, because he has no money.

How to distinguish if it’s predestined, karma or debt?


– I feel that this world is too much, please compassionate Venerable just help me on the bright path – he said urgently.

The Master listened silently and then spoke:

– In his previous life, he lived by trading pigs. He brought his own sows to breed, and every time he gave birth to a litter of piglets, he sold them for money. Each litter of pigs born was sold out by him, causing the mother pig to taste the pain of pregnancy, reproduction, and heartache in each goodbye. It is important to know that animals and humans have similar feelings. At that time, the mother pig had held a grudge, holding a grudge against him to the end, until when it was finished breeding, he was sold to the slaughterhouse.

Think about it, all of her children were sold by him for money, and at the moment of her death, she was killed in great pain, would it be easy for her to forgive this crime for him? Therefore, this life it has come to live together to take revenge.

The lay follower listened attentively, seemed excited, and said:

– What should I do to resolve this sheep injustice? So can I leave home?

– Leaving home? He can’t do it! (Because I am too attached, I love you too much). Just a few days without seeing them, you can’t eat well, can’t sleep, right?

Should a husband and wife have a predestined relationship with each other?



– That’s right, Master.

– And his son had a close relationship with his mother, so even if he left home, he would run home, then his plight would be even worse than now.

– What should I do?

The Master smiled and said:

– Do you really want to solve the hatred?

– Of course, ask Master to help.

So please use a happy mind to face it, accept it all. Even if you are beaten, you will not fight back, if you are cursed, you will not scold… When you come home, whether you encounter adversity or favorable conditions, you should calmly accept it, commit to volunteering for their dedication and sincerity. penitent old sins, in order to atone for the great sins of heaven.

In addition, every day he had to persevere in reciting early in the evening, every day reciting a set of Earth Store Sutras dedicated to “the mother pig and the litters of piglets he sold in his past life”. In addition to helping take care of the housework, he had to devote himself to chanting and worshiping, doing so would be the same as leaving home. Do you have enough faith?

– Yes!

– Well then! Persevering in such practice for a long time, you will get rid of resentment.

Boys get married, girls get married

Is it due to evil or good conditions?

If you are not lucky, you will not meet!

Have a boy or a girl?

Is it debt collection or debt repayment that comes

No debt does not come to do!

Excerpted from “The present report 3”.


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