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It is the only country in the world that calculates a country’s prosperity based on the happiness of its people.

The GNP index (temporarily called “gross national happiness”) is a big idea that came from a small country – Bhutan. It is the only country in the world that calculates a country’s prosperity based on the happiness of its people, not on GDP – gross domestic product. The idea of ​​Bhutan once made the whole world mention this small Asian country.

Bhutan is currently emerging in the tourism sector as a mysterious Buddhist country. They do not promote industrial development, instead, they maintain the peaceful, slow life of the people, not “urbanizing”, not “modernizing”…

Bhutan focuses on developing tourism services, but with a high price to ensure tourism can support the development of Bhutan, and at the same time, help limit the number of visitors to Bhutan, which can make it difficult to travel. protect nature and preserve their identity.

When coming to Bhutan, people will not see many advertising signs but instead are slogans that will make many visitors smile, such as “Life is a journey! Let’s hit the road!”, “Let nature guide the way!” or “Sorry for any inconvenience!”…

GNP index of Bhutan Realized in every little detail of life, they hope that visitors to Bhutan can also enjoy the happiness and comfort in the lives of the people in this remote, mysterious kingdom. .

Bhutan is a country of ancient temples and monasteries. The people here are loyal followers of Buddhism, wherever you go, you will see the Buddhist banners flying, the majestic natural scenery is not affected by human hands.

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Bhutan just started opening 40 years ago, but quickly, this country has oriented its way, making many Western countries pay attention.

Since 1971, Bhutan has eliminated the GDP index (gross domestic product) and replaced it with a new index – GNH (gross national happiness), according to which, spiritual, physical, cultural life – the society of the people, the protection of natural resources – the environment of the country… are given the number one priority.

Over the past three decades, Bhutan has taken a world-leading position that the well-being of its people is more important than economic development. This is considered a unique direction.

Now, when the world is struggling with economic crises, destruction of nature, a warming climate … the small country of Bhutan alone is increasingly emerging as a prosperous country. , has oriented sustainable, long-term and effective development.

Bhutan’s incredible achievements are testament to that. Within 20 years, the average life expectancy of Bhutanese people has doubled, 100% of children can go to school, the level of environmental cleanliness is at an ideal level, nature is protected to the maximum, 60% of the land area is protected. the country is covered by forest… Bhutan bans the export of timber, every month there is a day for all the people to walk…

Bhutan’s Education Minister Thakur Singh Powdyel once said: “It’s too easy to destroy forests to get rich, in Bhutan, we believe that’s not the way to long-term prosperity. Only by protecting nature and the environment, and taking care of the quality of people’s lives, can a country truly be considered developed.”


Mr. Powdyel added: “The world often misunderstands Bhutan’s GNH index. People always ask how did your country have a happy people? In fact, GNH is a guiding ideal, the destination of all policies, so that our country can develop sustainably.”

In schools in Bhutan, students are educated according to the “green school” standard. In addition to learning basic subjects, the children will learn how to be a farmer, how to live in an environmentally friendly manner, and they will participate in sorting and recycling their school’s waste.

In addition, every day when going to class, there is a time for teachers and students to meditate together. The end of class bells are melodious pieces of music that help listeners relax. Bhutanese education does not place emphasis on children being good students, they want them to be good citizens.


Bhutan’s GNH index is attracting more and more attention and praise from international public opinion, and more and more scholars from all over the world are learning and analyzing the development strategy of the small kingdom located in the country. in the Himalayas – Bhutan.

Source: Dan Tri Newspaper


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