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Among the books on religion, Buddhism includes “The Buddhist World” published by Routledge in 2016 from author Dr. John Powers. Thai Ha Book has just applied for copyright and released in Vietnam under the name: Buddhist World.

Thai Ha Book (THB) introduces the book Buddhist World as follows:

What does the Buddhist world write about?

Buddhist World is a collection of articles on Buddhist culture and practice around the world, a lively and up-to-date survey of Buddhist Studies for students and scholars alike. World Buddhism explores regional forms of Buddhism and core themes including Buddhahood, ritual and pilgrimage.

In addition to Buddhist historical and cadastral perspectives, The Buddhist World series contains topical chapters on philosophical concepts such as morality, as well as social structures and categories such as community and family. family. The book also addresses Buddhism in its many forms, examining the ways in which modernity is reshaping traditional structures, ancient doctrines, and beliefs in the universe.

World of Buddhism book cover published by THB.

The structure of the book The Buddhist World

This book consists of 4 parts:

Part I: The Buddhist World by Historical and Cadastral Lines includes 7 articles by different authors.

Part II: The Buddhist world in the category of Philosophy – Religion, including 10 articles by different authors.

Part III: World Buddhist Society, including 11 articles.

Part IV: Biography, including 13 articles on 14 Buddhist figures who have the most influence, most characteristic, and representative of Buddhism

Link to 14 Buddhist Characters – 14 Spiritual Teachers Introduced in Buddhist World.

Where to buy the book World of Buddhism

Please contact THB to purchase this book. Note: The price of the book is very expensive: 2,500,000 VND.

Can enter this link order book.

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