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When you do evil, life is still safe. Don’t be so arrogant and arrogant. It’s just that your past good karma remains, so you still have it. Until you have just finished enjoying, the evil fruit is exposed. It was too late then. Borrowing and paying like that forever. Not just a lifetime.

When you do good but see life is still suffering. I know that, but just work hard to pay the karma. I just did evil in the past. But the evil has not yet melted. Knowing that so that we know fear, shame before the evil seed. But definitely eradicate, definitely not do evil anymore.

Even the smallest good deed is done. Keep accumulating good deeds. As soon as the bad karma of the past is over, good results will return. But in this life, how to know what is good to do? Where is the evil to avoid?

If you really understand the Buddhadharma, then no matter what profession or position you hold in society, you can still practice in every moment.

Before doing anything, we need to think carefully.

– Will this harm anyone?

– Will this harm me?

– What benefit does this bring to all?

Then consider the best fit. Take the goal of not causing evil, not harming yourself, harming others as the first. From there, you will have the best choice for yourself.

Like you diligently sow good seeds for your garden and take good care of it. One day, around you will be a sweet orchard for you.

From now on, I wish you all the best

”Autism reflection” is pure karma

Practicing diligently day and night

Step through mindfulness to get close to Taoism.

Pray not to make mistakes

Wish to look at the world with loving eyes…

Compassion, Humility, Forbearance

Peace of mind between sad and happy times.

I beg to sit under the Buddha’s shadow

The path of Tu steadily advances and does not retreat from here.

The scent of flowers does not fly against the wind

Perfume of virtuous people…Knowing ”returning”.


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