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Having left home, no one is evil, evil monks are used to show those who have made slow progress and have not yet transformed their own evil habits.

At one time, the Blessed One was staying at Sàvatthi and taught the bhikkhus: “Monks, the crow is accomplished with ten wrong dharmas. What are the ten? Arrogant, aggressive, lustful, big eaters, cruel, uncompassionate, cowardly, shrill voice, false thoughts and hoards of wealth. Hey monks, the crow achieves with ten this evil.

In the same way, bhikkhus, an evil bhikkhu is accomplished with the ten wrong dharmas. What are the ten? Arrogant, aggressive, strong-willed, big-eaters, cruel, uncompassionate, fearful, shrill voice, false thoughts and possessions. with these ten evil dharmas.

(DTKVN, Tang Branch IV, chapter 10, chapter Aspiration, part The crow, VNCPHVN Published, 1997, p.439)


Renunciation is a step on the path towards liberation. During that arduous journey, people progressed to achieve their goals very quickly, many people progressed moderately or slowly, and a few people failed to return. Of course, having ordained, no one is an evil person, evil monks refer to those who have made slow progress and have not yet transformed their own evil habits.

The Blessed One used the image of crows to illustrate the slow progress of the monastic class, the evil bhikkhus, which was impressive. Speaking of crows, we immediately think of scenes of evil, chaos, struggle, fighting, greed and death. The image of crows black, sly, clever, snatching, fighting to eat corpses makes us scared, like the gods of death. Contemplating the image of crows will help practitioners reflect on their actions because just one minute of turmoil, not keeping mindfulness, habits will arise and easily fall into the evil path.

The World-Honored One called the ten evil habits of crows evil dhammas, and those who have left home without being able to transform these evil dharmas are evil bhikkhus. However, these evil dharmas are easily transformed into the right dharma if they know how to practice and rely on the Noble Eightfold Path. These Eight Noble Paths are the means to overcome the defilements that plague our lives. In it, especially right view, seeing as it really is will help practitioners see right and wrong, know what to do, give up what needs to be abandoned. Buddhists in general must always be contemplative. examine to identify and eliminate the ten evils mentioned above. Applying wisdom to filter out turbidity, realize right and wrong, and especially know yourself is the ultimate way to let go of craving, afflictions and achieve liberation.


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