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My childhood was also very poor / But life is still happy with Buddha… / My son, poor can still laugh / Still rich in the vast sky…

My son, the poor still know how to laugh. Still rich in the vast sky..

My son! poor situation!

The next day when you grow up, remember to sow good deeds..

Though life is under thatched hut

Knowing cultivation, giving alms, knowing how to generate loving-kindness

Gradually lost his job and settled down

Will pass the suffering now listen to me!

Young brown one-piece teacher shirt

My skin color is also.. not better than my shirt..

Winter is so cold..

“Leather coat” I wear looks full of pity!

Also a human life

Children in Co Hoa are very happy..

Facilities and materials are sufficient

I have real estate, elected like this..

Oh, my little teacher

How to erase the world thin..

The long winter is freezing cold..

I would like to light a candle with compassion..

Joining hands to recite Guan Yin

Let your life be free from the cycle of suffering.

Know where the Three Jewels were in the beginning

Know Cause and Effectknow the practice sentence..

Poor in money, poor in money already

Do not be morally poor, sincere, honest!

Send me a little love

I’ll go home before it’s cold in the afternoon!

Tomorrow morning I will come back to play

Will bring warm clothes, will sit with you!

The shining sun has disappeared

Teacher about the eyes I still follow

My childhood was also very poor

But life has a poor Buddha.. still fun..

My son, the poor can still laugh

Still rich in the vast sky..

Suffering is the material that nurtures love


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