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In the fall, Sun World Fansipan Legend looks like a giant flower garden of Sa Pa with fields bursting with vibrant purple and pink colors, magic chrysanthemums painting the whole mountain, and rice woven orange-red colors against the deep blue sky. Coming to Fansipan this autumn, it was like getting lost in the flower meadows.

In September, October, Sa Pa returns to its true name with the name “mountain town in the mist”, which captivates travelers with the sweet golden sunshine, the gentle autumn wind on the skin and the watching sessions of the sea of ​​clouds. run. Especially in recent years, with the resort’s efforts to “bring flowers to the mountains” Sun World Fansipan Legendthe harshest rocky lands of Fansipan also blooms throughout the four seasons, attracting visitors. In the autumn, dozens of hectares of pine trees, magic chrysanthemums, succulents, poppy seeds… are creating a beautiful picture from the foot of the mountain to the “roof of Indochina”.


The journey to discover Fansipan flowers starts from the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train, connecting from Sun Plaza, in the center of Sa Pa town to the cable car station. Along the train route is 7.5 hectares of poppy flowers blooming in purple, pink and white colors. The vast middle band of flowers is a train line with a classic design, making the scenery of the mountains and forests of the Northwest now as romantic as the European sky. Especially from the window of the climbing train, visitors can take in the panoramic view of the poetic Muong Hoa valley, where the poppy flowers are dyeing a patch of forest, and in the distance are the mountains. cloudy.


The peacock’s tail is also known as the peacock’s tail, because the flowers grow in large clusters, shaped like the tail of a peacock, depending on whether it’s sunny or cloudy, the flowers appear with different shades. Especially peacock tail flowers can be 1-1.5 m high, just over the size of an adult’s belly. Therefore, many tourists love to walk along the small paths into the garden, taking pictures in the vastness of flowers.


After the climbing train, right at Thuy Chung hill in the area of ​​​​the cable car station is a hectare-wide magic chrysanthemum garden, blooming brilliantly. Magic chrysanthemum is also known as chrysanthemum, blooms in batches depending on the color of blue, yellow, red, purple, white and very wrong flower.


Although the body and wings are fragile, the magic chrysanthemum still shines brightly despite the erratic rainy and sunny days in Fansipan. This field of daisies at Sun World Fansipan Legend will remain beautiful until the end of September.


Currently in the North, magic chrysanthemums are rarely grown on such a large scale. So, do not forget to come to Fansipan, admire the unique scenery when thousands of flowers are blooming in the Northwest and immerse yourself in the warm and sweet scent of flowers in the cold autumn weather of the mountains. .


At Fansipan, thousands of stone lotus flowers, also known as interstellar daisies, are meticulously cultivated throughout the peak area. Many tourists cannot help but be delighted when they encounter simple and rustic flowers wriggling between the crevices or vertical rock slopes.


Stone lotus is often known as a flamboyant flower, suitable for the cool weather of Da Lat, but when it comes to Fansipan, they have a magical vitality. Even if the weather is harsh when it’s hot like fire or cloudy or cold, the flower is still full of life, like sending a strong will, always rising in all adversity.

With the desire to create more beautiful check-in points, and at the same time give visitors a feeling of peace and tranquility when watching, at the beginning of September, the resort has painstakingly displayed 10,000 stone lotus plants in front of Bich Van Thien Tu. , forming a miniature Fansipan miniature. Visitors come here, no one does not stop to admire and save beautiful images in front of this unique landscape.


Especially at the height of over 3,000 m of Fansipan peak, which is covered with clouds all year round, it seems that only rhododendrons and dwarf bamboos can live.

Having missed an appointment with tourists in an autumn due to the pandemic, this year the rice monotony has returned more intensely than ever, spanning an area of ​​more than nearly 2 hectares. In any area from the cable car cabin, Fansipan mountain train to the Cloud yard, Amitabha Buddha statue, Kim Son Bao Thang Tu … visitors can still see the flower slopes like dyeing the whole mountain red. full of enchantment.


The red-orange color loves the sun, but that’s not why the dew-covered days are less brilliant. In the cold weather of the Northwest mountains, each small flower is like a spark, warming the hearts of viewers. Especially in the wind, in the clouds, each delicate flower branch is even more attractive, as if inviting visitors to the sacred peak.


It belongs to the iris family and its scientific name is Crocosmia, a combination of the Greek words meaning saffron, referring to the dried leaves of the flower with a strong saffron-like odor. This flower often grows in bushes in East and South Africa, in Vietnam, in Da Lat. From 2021, Sun World Fansipan Legend has officially imported, cultivated and experimented, so that every autumn, the flower beds will bloom again to brighten up a mountain.


Autumn paints on Fansipan the sunny dawns glimmering through the misty clouds, bright yellow sunshine like pouring honey in the afternoon, or in the afternoon, clouds flow like waterfalls on the high mountains or the peak area of ​​3143m. Autumn also does not forget to highlight that poetic picture of thousands of fresh flowers planted by enthusiastic tourists. And autumn also urges visitors, do not miss a golden season to see Fansipan in the brilliant flowers and magical sea of ​​clouds.


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