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According to Boldsky, nutrient-rich kelp can be processed into many delicious dishes. Here’s how to make a vegan kelp salad.

Prepare ingredients for vegetarian kelp salad

– 200 g of fresh kelp or dried kelp soaked in water

– 30 ml light soy sauce

– 5g garlic, minced finely

– 10 g scallions, only the leaves, finely chopped

– 1-2 red peppers, cut into small pieces

– 15 ml of apple cider vinegar

– 2g salt

– 5g white granulated sugar

– 40 ml of vegetable oil

Vegetarian kelp salad is rich in nutrients. Graphics: Doan Hang

Instructions for making kelp salad for vegetarians

Step 1: Cut the kelp into thin strands and wash it in cold water twice.

– Step 2: Boil water and add chopped kelp and cook for 2 minutes.

Step 3: Transfer the blanched kelp in boiling water to a bowl and drain.

– Step 4: Add light soy sauce, scallions, chili, vinegar and garlic.

– Step 5: Heat vegetable oil until hot and pour over ingredients.

– Step 6: Add sugar, salt, mix all ingredients together and season to taste.

Some other ways to eat kelp

– Add dried kelp to vegetarian soups and stews.

– Use dried kelp flakes, ground into powder as a spice to sprinkle on baked goods.

– Add kelp to green smoothies.

– Stir-fry kelp with other green vegetables.


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