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Through press and television channels, it shows that the Covid-19 epidemic is still threatening, claiming human lives in many countries in the region and around the world.

Bac Giang, Bac Ninh and many other provinces in our country are also hot spots for the Covid-19 epidemic affecting human health and life, disrupting the socio-economic development circuit. During the difficult times, bright spots and noble deeds flashed in the midst of the hot spot of the epidemic season.

78-year-old doctor writes a volunteer application to fight against COVID-19

The Covid-19 epidemic is breaking out in many districts in Bac Ninh, making the lives of working people more difficult with the burden of making a living. Gia Binh – Bac Ninh is not outside that reality. The pace of life here has changed somewhat, with a lot of hustle and bustle every day instead of the absence of the epidemic season. The scenery seems to be in sync, the branches and leaves are also sad, the flower has just bloomed but has poor color, the scent is faintly sad. Right now, in this countryside rich in cultural and cultural traditions, the entire Party, people and army are united in their determination to repel the Covid-19 epidemic.

Actually, I wasn’t born on this strip of land, but it’s very fortunate that I chose Kinh Bac as the place to give my life to my fate. Maybe that’s why my emotions are choked up, my eyes are blurred, the stinging feeling in the bridge of my nose when I see the human emotions here. During difficult times, the spirit of each citizen becomes hardened, the heart of love and compassion is multiplied, the spirit of care and love is always open. Many practical and meaningful actions have appeared here, making people more and more imbued with the beauty of human love and life. The touching, generous stories of spreading arms to protect and share are spreading, reminding us to appreciate what we have and live more responsibly with the community.

Pictures of doctors and nurses working in the epidemic center of Bac Ninh. Photo: Center CDC Bac Ninh

It’s very appreciative of the beautiful images of army soldiers and policemen who are working day and night for the people to forget themselves, with their silent sacrifices that are hard to count, the hasty sleeps between patrol shifts, guard. The camp you stayed in was to make way for the best place to stay for the people to quarantine, to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, all for the people’s peace. The white-shirted soldiers in protective gear suffocated with scorching weather in the middle of summer were monitoring and treating patients day and night. Doctors, nurses and medical staff do not manage day and night to collect millions of samples for testing as quickly as possible.

But besides the soldiers, there are specific jobs and actions of many organizations, businesses, sponsors, teachers, and individuals who have volunteered to contribute efforts and money to support the frontline. Preventing Covid-19 in many ways. The image of teachers at Thuan Thanh High School No. 1 temporarily putting aside the lesson plans, chalkboards, and school roofs to volunteer to accompany and support the medical force to fight the epidemic. Immediately after being trained in knowledge about Covid-19 epidemic prevention and data entry, on May 26, twelve teachers set out to follow the call for the entire people to participate in the fight against the epidemic. [1].

Other teachers are still enthusiastic about training and fostering students through the online zoom classroom, connecting the knowledge puzzle that is still unfinished during the exam season in the middle of the epidemic season. And then the “Epidemic kitchen” of the Women’s Union of Gia Binh town [2] was established in the early days of field hospital No. 2 was established in Gia Binh district. Up to now, it has been 17 days. The kitchen has been on fire, with the kitchen’s operating motto “Ready to burn until the end of the epidemic”. Any of us hope that one day soon the epidemic will end, The kitchen of the epidemic season will soon turn off the fire, but the fire of solidarity, mutual affection, caring and sharing will still be beautiful in people’s hearts. Gia Binh.



Ba Vang Pagoda joins hands to prevent and respond to the Covid-19 epidemic

Along with that, a series of voluntary organizations and individuals, the Women’s Union branches in 5 villages in Gia Binh town, many typical individuals such as Mr. Dinh Viet Chau – Gia Binh Center for Vocational Education and Training, Ms. Nguyen Thi Men – Members of the Women’s Union of Noi Phu village have mobilized to support the No. 2 Field Hospital, the isolation area and the checkpoints on the epidemic day. In addition, many religious organizations in the district have also participated in supporting the frontline forces to prevent and control the epidemic such as Phu Khanh pagoda, Song Quynh pagoda – Gia Binh town… Many individuals have produced products. Exporting and distributing masks and sanitizers for free, practically helping frontline forces fight the epidemic. The volunteer blue shirt of youth, the dignified costumes of the armed forces officers and soldiers promptly appeared in the areas, bringing respectable hearts, accompanying the people of Gia Binh – Bac Ninh in the fight against epidemics. Each person is in different working positions, from different villages, but all have the same cause for the community.

Those beautiful actions are a living proof of the love and loyalty of the people of Gia Binh – Bac Ninh. Support not only with material, but also with increased spiritual value every day, every hour has shown the solidarity and suffering, the mutual love of people. In difficulties and tribulations, human love is more and more warm with noble gestures. The spirit of “give up rice and share clothes”, caring for each other as a valuable source of energy for the whole people to join hands to fight and win the epidemic. At this point, I understand more and more the line “Bac Ninh people attach great importance to the word love, Bac Ninh people attach importance to relationships… Guests go far away, keep them and never return”. Although the road ahead has many difficulties, but with determination and consensus, between the government and the people, above and below unite, listen, share and care for the people of Gia Binh in particular, the people of Bac Ninh province. In general, I firmly believe that the Covid-19 pandemic will be won in the nearest days. As President Ho Chi Minh once wrote to support young volunteers: “Nothing is difficult, Just afraid of not being strong, Digging mountains and filling the sea, Quyet Tri will do it”.


[1] According to the online newspaper published on May 27, 2021.

[2] Women’s Union of Gia Binh town – Gia Binh – Bac Ninh (Chairman Nguyen Thi Luyen)

Th.s Ly Thi Thao

Teacher – Center for Vocational Education and Training – Gia Binh – Bac Ninh


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