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Normally, with Buddhists, whenever they encounter a negative scene, something unsatisfactory, they often complain: the end of the Dharma age is more bad and less good!

Corona Virus – Insecurity and calm

An elderly teacher also shared that now he doesn’t want to read the newspaper, because in the morning when he flips a few newspapers, his limbs are weak, because he has to read too much bad news.

That is not unreasonable, especially in the current situation, when social networks explode, anyone can produce information, and of course, bad news always attracts the curiosity of the masses.

Bad news also comes in many varieties. There is information reflecting bad reality that is warning, makes others pay attention to improve, prevent, correct, fight…

There is also bad news created for malicious purposes, causing misunderstanding about a certain object, creating chaos.


Meanwhile, in reality, there are still many good things, precious things, nobility, silent sacrifices in life, in many places.

For example, looking back at 2018, the world color gamut was painted bleak by the media with crises in many areas of human life and nature.

Meanwhile, a newspaper, with a different view, has reviewed the good signs.

Regarding the safety of the Earth, the United Nations said that the ozone hole will be completely healed in the Arctic and Southern Hemisphere by around 2030, and in other areas by 2060.

Environmental activists have raised the largest amount of money ever for ocean conservation, that number has been pledged up to 10 billion USD. With this amount, it means that 14 million square kilometers of ocean will be protected.

Facing the energy of insecurity

Nigeria said it has launched a greening movement, with tens of thousands of people participating in planting more than 200 million trees in the past 30 years. It is purported to be the most positive environmental change in the history of the continent.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the number of teenagers drinking alcohol has decreased across European countries – the continent with the highest drinking rates in the world. England is the most active country. This is the problem in our country right now…

The number that lists those good things goes up to 100, and gives a more optimistic view to many people. In particular, that makes more sense in the spirit of dependent origination of Buddhism. Life is a correlation of both sides, for better and for worse.

A good individual will contribute to the good of the community. A good country will be the factor that makes the world better. The opposite is also true.



Peace in insecurity

With the Buddhist concept, human life is nourished by many kinds of food, in which information is the food that nourishes the mind.

If we are loaded with too much bad information every day, it will be difficult to produce positive life energy.

With that predestined condition, people will easily surrender to a pragmatic lifestyle, or anxiously seek protection with mysterious spiritual colors.

In the turmoil of social life, see the good things in it as bright spots, and multiply that light by your own actions.

Dieu Nghiem


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