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On September 13, 2021, the Buddhist Social Affairs Committee of Ca Mau province presented 10 water filters to 8 districts and Ca Mau city, and 60 gifts to pregnant women in isolation and disease prevention areas.

Reported by the Women’s Union of Ca Mau province, it was reported that the isolation areas for the patients were temporary schools, and there was a shortage of clean water and hot water for drinking. Therefore, the support of hot and cold filtered water machines to help people here is very useful and practical.

Accordingly, Buddhist Nhuan Hoa – Deputy Head of the Department of Buddhist Social Affairs in Ca Mau Province, mobilized the Hy Lien Tam Charity Fund (HCMC) to sponsor 10 machines, giving them to 8 districts and Ca Mau City, 60 parts. gifts for pregnant women near their due date, workers with difficult circumstances in the isolation ward.


Total cost of 10 machines and 60 gifts of over 80 million VND On this occasion, the Board from the Buddhist Social Center of Ca Mau province, sincerely thanks the Hy Lien Tam Charity Fund, the sponsor and the Women’s Union of Ca Mau province for helping to receive them. and deliver the gifts to the points for giving.


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