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In front of the Quan Am shrine every day, countless people come to burn incense to worship the Buddha. On the crossbar in front of the temple, there is a spider weaving silk, every day is filled with incense smoke and prayers for the island, the spider gradually has Buddha nature. After thousands of years of cultivation, spiders have become spiritual.


Short Story: Where is Buddha?

One day, suddenly the Buddha walked to a certain temple, saw the smoke of incense very prosperous, very satisfied. When leaving the temple, he involuntarily raised his head and saw a spider on the beam.

Buddha stopped and asked the spider: “I must have met you, I must ask you a question, is it really wise for you to cultivate for a thousand years. Is it okay?”

The spider met the Buddha, very happy, and quickly agreed. Buddha asked: “What is the most precious thing in the world?”

The spider pondered, then replied: “The world’s most precious is what is not gained or what has been lost!”. Buddha nodded and left.

Another thousand years have passed, the spider is still cultivating on the beam in front of the Quan Am temple, the spider’s Buddha nature has become stronger.

One day, Buddha came to the temple and asked the spider: “Do you remember my question a thousand years ago, do you understand it more deeply now?”

Spider said: “I feel that the most precious thing in the world is still “not gained” or “lost”!

Buddha said: “Think about it again, I will find you again.”

Another thousand years passed, and one day, there was a great wind, and the wind blew a dewdrop onto the spider’s web. The spider looked at the dewdrop, saw it glittering and shining, so beautiful, the spider meant to love it. Seeing the spider dew on this day also made him happy, it was the happiest day of the past three thousand years. Suddenly, a strong wind blew again and swept away the dewdrop. Spiders momentarily feel loss, loneliness, and pain.

At that time Buddha came, he asked: “Spider, a thousand years ago, have you thought more: What is the most precious thing in this world?”

The spider thought of the dewdrop and replied to the Buddha: “The most precious thing in this world is what is not obtained or what has been lost.”

Buddha said: “Good, if you have realized that, I will let you enter the human realm once!”

And so, the spider reincarnated into a lady of the radio station, in a mandarin house, her parents named her Chau Nhi. In an instant, Chau Nhi was sixteen, a beautiful and graceful young woman.

That day, new Trang Nguyen Cam Loc passed the first class, the king decided to hold a celebration party behind the royal garden. The school appointed the princess to invite Chau Nhi to the party. Trang Nguyen showed off her poetic talent on the party, many talents made every girl at the party fall in love. Chau Nhi just saw the talented Cam Loc and fell in love, she thought he was the predestined relationship that Buddha had brought for her.

After a few days, Chau Nhi happened to follow her mother to the temple to worship Buddha, at the same time Cam Loc took her mother to the temple. After worshiping the Buddha, the two mothers sat and talked. Chau Nhi and Cam Loc came to the corridor to talk, Chau Nhi was very happy, she was finally able to be with the person she loved, but Cam Loc seemed too polite.

Chau Nhi thought Buddha had arranged this predestined relationship, she asked Cam Loc: “Do you remember the thing sixteen years ago, of the spider on the temple of Quan Am?”

Cam Loc was surprised and asked: “Miss Chau Nhi, you are so beautiful, everyone admires you, so is your imagination a bit too much?”. Speaking of, he went out with his mother.

Chau Nhi went home, thinking, why did Buddha not let him remember the old story, why did Cam Loc have no sympathy for me? A few days later, the king issued a decree granting Trang Nguyen Cam Loc to match with Princess Truong Phong. Believing like thunder in the clear sky, she did not understand why Buddha was so cruel to her.

Chau Nhi gave up eating and drinking, lay dry, closed her eyes thinking about pain, a few days later her soul was about to escape from the body, her life was in short supply.

Prince Chi Thu, a friend of Chau Nhi’s age, heard the news, rushed to her, knelt down beside the bed and said to her: “Chau Nhi, girl, do you know, I fell in love with you from the first time. I met her in the palace, the love in me has been cherished for a long time. Now if she dies, why am I still alive.” Saying that, he was about to pull out his sword and commit suicide.

Short story: A little love in the middle of the epidemic season

And that moment when Buddha appeared, Buddha said to Chau Nhi’s dying soul: “Spider, have you ever thought of it, the dewdrop – Cam Loc – was brought to you by someone? Is it the wind – Truong Phong – Bring it there, then the wind takes it away Cam Loc belongs to the princess Truong Phong, he is just a short piece of music adding to your life.

And Prince Chi Thu is the small tree in front of that Quan Am temple, he has watched you for three thousand years, loved you for three thousand years, but you have never looked down at him. Spider, I come again to ask you, what is the most precious thing in this world?”

The spider heard the truth, suddenly awakened, she said to the Buddha: “The most precious thing in this world is not what you can’t get or have lost, but the happiness you currently hold!”

Just finished speaking, Buddha was gone, Chau Nhi’s soul returned to her body, opened her eyes, saw Prince Chi Thu commit suicide, she quickly took the sword…


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