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A friend that I know put a title on his personal page: “Everybody has to die, know that to live well!”. He told me that he contemplates impermanence, taking the teachings of impermanence to remind himself not to be lazy, to be lazy about everything.

Feelings of impermanence

After hearing her say that, I was dumbfounded for a bit in surprise, because I thought she was still young, why would she always think about impermanence to bother. But then, my thoughts were to endorse her practice. In this life we ​​need to be aware of death, no one knows how long we will live in this world. Opening my eyes to wake up to find myself breathing, watching the sunrise is a privilege, a blessing. While living today, living well today is the meaning of contemplating impermanence.

Birth, old age, sickness and death are the laws of human life.

All things in the universe, from as small as a grain of sand to as large as the moon and stars, and all sentient beings have to follow the four stages of “Situation – Standing – Destruction – Emptiness”, “Birth – Aging – Sickness – Death”, This constant change and change is called impermanence. A clear understanding of the doctrine of impermanence is always good for us. Birth, old age, sickness and death are the laws of life, nothing lasts forever. We were born alone and we will die alone. We cannot hold onto anything forever. Even the mind and all phenomena change from moment to moment.

The Buddha has a saying: “The past is gone, the future has not yet come, the present is always flowing”. Knowing that things and phenomena in this life are changed over time is a benefit. This life never stands still. When we know that things are always changing, even though we are going through a very difficult time, we can still find comfort in the knowledge that it will not be the same forever, that there is nothing wrong with that. hopeless.

Science and the impermanence of Buddhism

We know that humans can’t change the laws of birth, old age, sickness, and death, which is beneficial. Why? If we don’t think that we must be old, have disease, and may die early, we fall into the illusion of our permanence. Good fortune is not permanent, so how can you be sure of anything in life? Thus, when good things come to us, we should not be too greedy. If we are not aware of death, we will not pay attention to the practice but just live meaninglessly, without understanding which attitudes and behaviors cause suffering and which lead to happiness. With a strong sense of your inevitable death, you will find you need to practice, transform your mind, and not waste time with pleasures ranging from eating to frivolous things.

Contemplation of impermanence not only promotes our practice but also energizes our own peace. Once caught up in the frivolous currents of worldly life, the emotions of afflictions, greed, anger, delusion, jealousy, and pride will increase, and lead the way to further negative karma. These afflictive emotions only cause trouble, making themselves and those around them uncomfortable. If you keep in mind that life passes quickly, you will cherish your time and do what is valuable. If you are no longer dominated by frivolous goals, you will not be distracted by important long-term goals. Therefore, we need to have transformation from within. We also will not miss a good opportunity when our life is free time and favorable conditions to practice beneficial methods. The understanding of karmic cause and effect and samsara opens the eyes to fully understand the nature of suffering, samsara, and develops compassion.

To make life more meaningful, we need to cherish every moment, think and do good things.

To make life more meaningful, we need to cherish every moment, think and do good things.

Contemplation of impermanence gives power to both our practice and our actions. If we accept the principle of impermanence, we will face life more easily. In this life, what people need to do is to live carefully, not to cause harm and suffering to themselves and others. This life is very precious, we should not create harm. Spend it on constructive activities. So, how meaningful our short years in this world will be.

Practice contemplating impermanence, observing body and mind, and changing circumstances to get rid of the disease of craving and progress to peace of mind. Contemplating impermanence to know that human life is precious and not to lose the opportunity to practice and do good.


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