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Locals appreciate each person’s honesty, and many of the shops aren’t even staffed.

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In 2021, Finland became the happiest country in the world for the fourth time in a row, according to the United Nations World Happiness Report. Locals do not try to promote to the outside world about flashy Finland through expensive costumes, trendy cars. They want to convey to people about loving nature and taking care of each other. Photo: iStock

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That’s why Bright Side in a recent article decided not to introduce readers to familiar photos of the Nordic country such as the aurora or sauna. Instead, they list the idyllic things in people’s daily lives, to help visitors better understand Finland through a completely different perspective. Pictured is a local store with no cashiers or staff.

“I’m used to people here trusting each other, but having no resellers is another level. You just need to record what you buy in a special book at the store, then then put the money in the bin or pay online,” one tourist recounted. Photo: Twitter

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What if you lose money? Rest assured that someone will find a way to pay you. “My friend moved to Finland. This is what she saw on the bulletin board at her workplace. She couldn’t believe her eyes,” the person who posted the photo shared. Photo: Twitter

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These brightly colored buses are essentially mobile libraries, driven around the capital Helsinki. On weekday mornings, they provide library services to places with a lot of children such as kindergartens, schools, parks… In the evenings, they will go to areas where people live far from the library. for reading needs. Photo: Twitter

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At many stores, you can find a basket of hairspray gels and feminine toiletries in the women’s restroom, and they’re completely free. Photo: Twitter

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Finland has a dog day care center. This service is to support people who have to work, have a busy job, can’t stay at home to look after their dogs, and they don’t want their pets to be alone at home all day. These centers are responsible for playing with dogs, walking them, feeding them. Photo: Bright Side

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Pictured above are ice eggs that appeared on a Finnish beach. This is a rare phenomenon and many tourists enjoy seeing this egg-shaped ice. Photo: Rismatti/Instagram

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In winter, when snow covers the lakes, you can freely express your creativity by creating drawings with snow. Photo: Twitter

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