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On the morning of September 16, 2021, the monks of Tra Vinh City’s reproductive health association included 22 people who were vaccinated with 1st dose of Covid-19 vaccine at the Provincial Center for Disease Control (No. 36 To Thi Huynh, K.2 ). , Ward 1, Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province).

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Pursuant to Notice No. 534-TB/VPTU dated September 14, 2021 of the Office of the Provincial Party Committee, the Center for Disease Control organizes the 1st or 2nd dose of Covid-19 prevention and control vaccination for all officials and employees. color in Tra Vinh city, Tra Vinh province.

Before vaccination, 22 monks were screened by doctors and stayed for 30 minutes after the injection.

The monks have strictly complied with the regulations on disease prevention and control such as wearing masks, keeping distance, getting injections on time and making medical declarations according to the prescribed form.


Most Venerable Thach Sok Xane – Vice Chairman of the Buddhist Council, Head of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha BTS in Tra Vinh province, Chairman of the Provincial Association for Solidarity of Patriotic Monks, Abbot of Ang Pagoda said:

“The vaccination plan shows the leadership’s interest in local religious dignitaries.

The vaccination program at the Provincial Center for Disease Control is very practical, both avoiding large crowds, avoiding infection and ensuring disease prevention and control.”


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