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The Buddha statue is carved in a unique style that makes anyone who comes by to be surprised.

The largest Buddha statue south of the Yangtze River (Photo: QQ)

Inside the monastery there are more than 12,000 gilded Buddha statues

Xinchang County is located in the eastern part of Zhejiang Province, China, under the administration of Shaoxing City. This is a mountainous district with arid land.

Although not as famous as many cities in Zhejiang, Xinchang has fresh air and many ancient monuments and structures. In particular, this place is the location of the “unique” Maitreya Buddha statue.

The Great Buddha Temple was built in 486 in Xinchang, Shaoxing, Zhejiang. In each place at the temple, there are meticulously crafted Buddha statues. The stone Maitreya Buddha with a history of more than 1600 years is the earliest cave statue in southern China.

Legend has it that in 486, a monk saw the light of Buddha appearing on the cliffs of Xi’an, so he made a vow to sculpt Maitreya Buddha here. After that, he went around calling for donations and alms, carefully prepared, and ten years later officially started work.

Close-up of Buddha statue at Tanchang (Photo: Saturdaysoft)

Close-up of Buddha statue at Tanchang (Photo: Saturdaysoft)

But after only a year, the monk’s health was exhausted, he could only chisel out the outline of the face like a relief. The illness got worse and worse, before he died, he called his student and instructed the next generation to continue completing the unfinished statue.

Later, the student tried to convince everyone to complete the statue but failed.

It was not until 507 that the Maitreya Buddha statue continued to be noticed by people. This monk was a top talent in architecture and sculpture at that time. Thanks to the support from the court and the monk’s talent, it wasn’t long before the Maitreya Buddha statue was finally completed.

The statue took about 30 years to complete, after 3 generations, it was referred to by later generations as the “three births three worlds” Buddha statue. Not only that, the Maitreya Buddha was born 200 years earlier than the Leshan Giant Buddha in Sichuan.

The height of the statue is 13.74 meters, the earlobes are 2.8 meters long, the mouth is 1.28 meters wide, the knees are 10.6 meters apart. Unlike the usual Maitreya statue, the largest Buddha statue south of the Yangtze River has a more “tidy” appearance instead of the characteristic large belly.

Vietnam statue is in the top 10 world famous giant Buddha statues

If you look closely, the Buddha statue has gentle eyebrows, kind eyes, a dignified appearance, thin lips, two arms reaching to the shoulders, the overall appearance is elegant and flexible. According to those who have visited, when looking at the Buddha statue, people have a strange sense of relief and peace.

In particular, the proportion of each part of the Buddha image uses the principle of perspective. Accordingly, the head of the statue is deliberately enlarged, so that when people look at it, there is a sense of balance. The Maitreya Buddha statue is not only of religious significance but also of extraordinary artistic value, demonstrating the leading level of sculpture of the era at that time.

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