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Doan Tra My (legal name Trung Vien), a native of Hanoi, is a novice monk who has just turned 18 and is practicing at Phuoc Son Zen Monastery, Dong Nai province. When visiting relatives in Long Xuyen city (An Giang), suddenly an epidemic broke out, so she was stuck here, unable to return to her family.

‘Saigon will be healthy, beautiful and hospitable like before’

In mid-August, the message box of Thanh Doan Long Xuyen’s Fanpage page received the message “I am a practicing nun, please register as an anti-epidemic volunteer”. Receiving information, the Long Xuyen Youth Union actively contacted Tra My and arranged to participate at the Vam Cong checkpoint, the gateway to An Giang province.

Tra My – legal name Trung Vien

Tra My was informed in advance about the dangers and hardships that may be encountered when participating in disease prevention, especially at the Vam Cong checkpoint, which is a very high-risk location when it has to be in regular contact with people. from epidemic areas; However, she is still determined to register as a volunteer with the desire “to do anything as long as it helps people fight the epidemic”.

Tra My packed her luggage, put on a protective suit every day, participated in supporting medical declarations, and guided people to comply with regulations on epidemic prevention and control before entering Long Xuyen. Her daily work starts from 6 am to evening. Sometimes I go on duty 2 shifts continuously from 12 noon to 0 o’clock with only eating noodles, sometimes I’m tired but I still have to try to overcome it. Tra My wishes to make a small contribution to keep Long Xuyen safe – a strange land to her.

Tra My said, in the course of duty, she sometimes encountered so many frustrations with the driver that she burst into tears. That day, the car was too crowded to work, then the driver also hurried to declare it, but the driver wrote it wrong, at that time I pointed out for them to declare again, but the driver was rude and said bad words.

Proud to be a “soldier” committed to serving in the Covid-19 treatment isolation area

For nearly a month, I have been on the front lines against the epidemic, looking at the image of her working responsibly and loving life, but few people know that My also has to temporarily put aside homesickness and unrelenting anxiety when her mother is also sick at home. but there is no way to return even though I have been stuck here since July.

The days of participating in the anti-epidemic, for her the most memorable memory was when the whole team encountered a positive case and someone was confused but tried to be strong enough to do enough things to make you feel happy and less afraid.

When working in hot weather, some days it rains heavily, not to mention other disturbing stories. “When I hesitated the most, I thought about my mother trying to help people overcome this pandemic so that they could go home soon,” My confided.

Behind that secret protective gear is not only a young nun who always develops a volunteer mind, sincerely practices to help the world, but also a young man who, when he heard the country needed him, was ready to volunteer on the front lines, difficult, dangerous wear.


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