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On September 18, 2021, TT. Thich Nguyen Si, Head of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha BTS in District 11 (HCMC), on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in District 11 and his followers, respectfully announced that Venerable Thich Hue Duc had died due to a predestined illness.

HT. Thich Hue Duc – President of Phu Tho Pagoda, Ward 12, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City was founded by the seniors, the predestined condition was impermanent. /8 year of the New Year of the Ox). He lived for 70 years, 50 years in Ha Lap.

The obituary also said that because of the COVID-19 epidemic situation, the Venerable’s funeral was only held within the interior of the temple. Venerables, monks and nuns can be from afar to support and pray for the late Giac Linh HT. Thich Hue Duc is a Buddhist monk.



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