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On the evening of August 12, with the permission of the leadership of the concentrated isolation area of ​​the SYM isolation area (Tam Hiep ward, Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province), a group of Buddhist volunteers combined with a group of soldiers, Doctors and nurses organized a Mid-Autumn Festival night for children with the theme “Million Hearts One Beat” right at KCL yard.

Although it is called an isolation area, there are nearly 200 F0 patients here, including 50 children, some children have parents to be isolated with, but there are also lonely children who come here alone. In order to dispel that fear, this strangeness should be given the attention of the leaders of the isolation area, the guidance and care of the Buddhist monks of Dong Nai province, the support of mid-autumn gifts. for the children of Venerable Thich Thien My – Head of the Buddhist Volunteer Coordinating Committee, representative of the Golden Lotus Charity Fund at Vien Giac Pagoda and the Buddhists of the Huu Duyen volunteer group in Ho Chi Minh City.

Phat-Giao-dong-nai 2

Volunteers participating in the frontline against the epidemic like us are really rich and diverse. We Buddha’s disciples wear a blue shirt, simple and loving. The soldier Uncle Ho wears a blue shirt day and night to keep the peace for the country. The pure and friendly white-shirted soldiers are carrying on their shoulders the lives of the people. Perhaps we are all born into this world with different responsibilities, but today because of the epidemic, we share the same ideal of repelling Covid-19. Perhaps all of us here are surprised with protective suits, but then because of the responsibility of “Protecting the nation and the people”, we have overcome all difficulties and challenges together, sharing and encouraging each other. whatever is the best, always patting each other to fulfill the cause, all of us have a bright, holy smile to the patient. We always light up a fire of enthusiasm and sacrifice for our patients, together we have struggled with the days of fighting the epidemic, hoping to soon bring peace to the country in general and the patients said. even if it’s contagious.

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Today, when the full moon in August is gradually getting round and bright, is the reunion of every family, but there are still pitiful children’s eyes. You have been unlucky to be among those who have to bear the brunt of the spread of Covid-19. Knowing that, not only children but also adults will feel very sorry when the New Year’s reunion has to be in a place where you can see oxygen bottles everywhere, and protective suits everywhere you look. But rest assured, the doctors, nurses, soldiers, volunteers are fathers, mothers, relatives of all children and patients here. All of our frontline staff hope that these rays of light bring a wonderful peace to all patients in general and children in particular, and pay special attention to “Children of today”. today’s world tomorrow”. So another mid-autumn season is back again, when the children have returned to school to meet their teachers and friends, but this year is very special for them. The rainy season in Dong Nai is always heavy, making everyone’s heart heavy, but today, God understands people’s hearts on a bright moonlit night, without a drop of rain so that the children can enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Every year on this occasion, the streets are busy and bustling with people, but this year somewhere is also empty, the shops are closed, the mooncake stalls are not open, the drum, the unicorn lies motionless. The atmosphere at this moment seems to be engulfed in the silence of the Covid 19 pandemic. Instead, the humanity during the pandemic is too united and harmonious, the sponsors always support the front line to bring a happy Tet holiday. very meaningful collection here. With the children in the quarantine area, Uncle Cuoi, Sister Hang, Mr. Dia, and Uncle Lan are all white-shirted soldiers who take care of their children every day, but today they are no less cute incarnations to celebrate Tet with their children. Mid-Autumn Festival is simple but warm and joyful. Don’t forget the gifts that are just small lanterns, moon cakes sent from Hanoi, milk cakes, etc. to give them to remember the Mid-Autumn Festival. Although the gift is small, it shows the sharing, care and love for the children in particular and the patients in general.

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With the motto “Don’t leave anyone behind”, I hope that with this spreading love, patients can soon overcome their illness and reunite with their happy home because “home is our home”. . Today’s work has a little bit of merit, we would like to represent on behalf of the frontline forces against the pandemic at KCL SYM to wish all of you in BTS always happy, healthy and happy, and successful. Best wishes to the white-shirted warriors with abundant health, steadfastness and perseverance to overcome the pandemic and bring peace to the country. Wishing all the patients and children a very happy reunion and a peaceful life. We do not forget to send our deep thanks to the sponsors who have been and are the bodhisattvas firmly behind for the success of this war.

Some recorded pictures:

Thich Nhat Tue Nhat – Long Van Pagoda,

Photo: Department of Information and Communications of Dong Nai PG


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