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In life, there is often a phenomenon that: A person glances through and sees a wonderful appearance, but looking at it for a long time, it seems normal. A person’s glance is normal, but later on, the more you look at it, the more convenient it is, the more you look at it, the more attractive it becomes.

According to Buddhist teachings, the mind is considered to be the creator of everything – all things are created by the mind, so the ancients have a saying that the mind’s life form or appearance goes hand in hand with the mind. Photo: Confessions of young monks.

To have a beautiful face

This is largely because the face shows the soul of that person. The soul also affects the appearance. A person’s personality is written on their face. Personality over time will gradually change our appearance.

There is an old saying that “General is born from the mind”, meaning to tell us that a person’s appearance will change according to their thoughts.

If you live tolerantly, your face will show the beauty of serenity.

You live simply, your face will have the smile of a child. You are friendly, the corner of your lips will naturally turn upwards as if smiling. You lie, your eyes will show cunning. You are impatient, your eyebrows will involuntarily furrow

In fact, a person’s mental state, if there are positive changes, then his whole body will exude vitality. Patience, confidence, not only change the appearance, but also make the temperament sublimate.

Therefore, if you want to have a beautiful face, you must nourish your soul. Only when your soul is radiant and lovely can you create lasting beauty.

A woman who has a beautiful face, but has a bad character, does not cultivate enough, does not necessarily look beautiful. If you are blessed with a beautiful face, then you need to remember that this is a test for your soul.

Remember a British actress once said:

– If you want to have a beautiful body, share your food with hungry people.

– If you want to have beautiful lips, say friendly words.

If you want to have lovely eyes, look at the good points of others.

Change your mind to become an attractive person according to the Buddha’s teachings

If you want to be elegant, when on the road, remember that you are not alone on the road.

In fact, in life there is no beauty and no gratuitous ugliness. A person with a beautiful face, but a bad character, not cultivated enough, does not necessarily look beautiful. Appearance shows your feelings, personality, and also reveals your destiny.

Share with you a quote that I really like:

“A beautiful person is not always a good person, but a good person is definitely a beautiful person.” So the beauty that does not fade lies in the virtues of a soul..

Exploring the appearance

It’s not as good as beautifying your own heart…

Body, Mouth, and Mind know how to preserve

Beauty treats more than a thousand faces…


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