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If you understand in your heart what is happening to you, then you will be able to understand others, first of all your loved ones.

Choose for yourself a new way of life with a new person while you are still here.

Peace and happiness in the purification of the soul

”Understanding” this is not simply understanding petty interests, but understanding the thoughts, feelings, and moods of that person. When you can understand the emotional levels in yourself, you will can understand others, and when you know how to create joy, excitement as well as calmness and peace in your heart, it will be very easy for you to help your loved one have that. So, every day is a new topic for me to live. Understanding the person I love and learning to love. It’s very interesting, you should try it. It’s very important to practice and practice every day for yourself.

Being in contact with nature, even just a little notice to know that ”Oh, how beautiful the leaf flutters in the wind”, or ”the moon is so bright!”… see and recognize the presence of nature. However, setting aside even a minute to enjoy, just enjoying, without thinking about anything else is already a way to nourish yourself.

In the same way, to have a certain amount of time each day to play with your child, watch your child play, watch your child learn, generate love, and know your happiness, that is a moment to cultivate peace in you. . Or take a few minutes to sit with your parents, drink tea, 5 minutes is fine, there are 5 minutes to start, there will be the next 5 minutes, in silence, in the conversation about how to live in the family, you will gradually get back the beautiful images. The question is, do I have the courage to spend 5-10 minutes sitting like that? Don’t use the excuse that it’s busy work. Working to create happiness for the family? If the conditions are complete, is there any real happiness? Depends on your choice. The relationship in the family is not the big laughs, the really juicy stories, etc. the relationship can also be 5-10 minutes sitting together in silence, talking to each other about things in the house, drinking together a cup of tea, taking care of each other when sick or in need… that must come from within themselves. Those are the moments when we feed each other and help each other.

To help others with suffering, you must first help yourself with suffering. To make others happy, you must first make yourself happy; to help others be peaceful, you must first be at peace with yourself. In order to have peace and comfort in me, I do not have to come from drugs, it must be created by myself. Taking medicine only makes you feel more tired and dependent on the drug. It is unlikely that medication will be a good, long-term cure for you. Have you ever felt that after taking a sedative or pain reliever it goes away completely or you have to take it a second and a third time… Medicine is just a temporary cure. And I shouldn’t depend on it too much. You choose for yourself the path of self-control, self-mastery, that’s very interesting. Do you know musician Trinh Cong Son wrote how?

”Every day I choose a joy

Choose flowers and smiles…”

“Every day I choose my path

The way to brothers, the way to friends….”

”Every day I choose to sit very still

Seeing the homeland clearly and thinking about myself…”

‘Listen to the breath’ to heal the pain in the soul

”Thinking back on me” to learn to understand myself better. Ask me what I’ve done in the past, what I said, what I thought… and what I will do now, say to be better, for myself. more beautiful, more beautiful in my soul, not just my external beauty for your loved one?

Words that are not spoken can cause great harm, so we will be very careful when we say them. It’s the same when I do anything. It is to beautify yourself. A beautiful person is a person with a beautiful soul. Remember that. Life has a lot of good people, have good jobs, have high positions… so why don’t I want to be a person with “Beautiful soul” for a more beautiful life.

Choose for yourself a new way of life with a new person while you are still here.

Excerpt from the article “Get out of the vicious circle”

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