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On September 20, 2021, Most Venerable Danh Dong, Chairman of Kien Giang Province’s SYNRC, on behalf of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Women’s Birth Control Association, signed and disseminated Official Letter No. 24/CV-HĐKSYN of Kien Giang Province on the continuation of prevention and control work. Covid-19 epidemic in the new situation.

Most Venerable Danh Dong


– Women’s reproductive health associations of districts and cities.

– Abbot, Deputy Abbot, representatives of Theravada Buddhist temples, Achars, Aluminum Wat, Board of Directors and Buddhists of Phum Sroc throughout Kien Giang province.

The season of Kanh Ben – Sen Don Ta is one of the solemn ceremonies of Khmer Buddhists to remember, gratitude and filial piety to ancestral parents, organized according to the annual custom of the 8th week of the lunar calendar. September 22, 2021 to October 7, 2021 of the solar calendar and are concerned by all levels of Khmer Theravada Buddhist compatriots.

This year alone, the season of Ben – Sen Don Ta filial piety begins again in the context of the complicated and unpredictable Covid-19 epidemic.

Before the translation situation Covid-19 The situation is very complicated, the number of cases in the community is increasing, there are more and more unknown outbreaks in many localities, so far, there has been no sign of decreasing.

To raise the spirit of vigilance, not to be negligent, subjective and determined to work closely with the authorities to prevent and stamp out the epidemic, to actively prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic in the province in order to promote both in the prevention and control of the spread of this dangerous disease, at the same time to well implement the notices and dispatches of the local authorities and the Church at all levels on the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Now, the Standing Committee of the Women’s Birth Control Association of Kien Giang province has the following directives:

1. Theravada Buddhist temples in the province continue to strictly implement measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic. At the same time, applying flexibly and creatively in the organizational stages that must ensure safety according to the 5K recommendation of the Ministry of Health.

2. Temporarily suspending the organization of festivals and religious activities with large crowds, especially for the Kanh Ben – Sen Don Ta rites this year, the pagodas mainly worship the inner self (encouraging chanting for peace, super demand by online form).

3. The abbot, deputy abbot, the Management Board of the pagodas, the prestigious Achar among the ethnic minorities are responsible for guiding the monks and the followers, and the Buddhists to strictly abide by the guidance of the local authorities. measures to take urgent measures to prevent and control the epidemic.

The Standing Committee of the Provincial Association calls on monks and Khmer Theravada Buddhist compatriots to strictly implement the spirit of this announcement in order to bring mutual benefits to themselves, the community and society as well as to show the spirit of gratitude. , pay filial piety in the season of Kanh Ben – Sen Don Ta in the context of the current epidemic.

Wishing all the monks and fellow Buddhists of the Khmer Buddhist Sangha a season of Kanh Ben – Sen Don Ta full of piety.


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