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On the night of September 19 and 20, Van Duc Pagoda (Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City) presented 1,800 lanterns, pia cakes, and vinamilk to local children during the special mid-autumn season amid the pandemic.

The joy of children enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival with gifts and lanterns brought by teachers and volunteers

The number of lanterns and cakes is divided equally among 5 neighborhoods in Tam Phu ward and Thu Dung City Hospital. Particularly in Quarter 5, the volunteers of the pagoda, supported by the People’s Committee of the ward and the regional police, gave them directly to the children on the roads and every alley.

Mai Ngoc Anh, the police in charge of the area said: “The children’s happiness is the motivation for us, no matter how hard it is, above all, it brings complete warmth to the children. little”.

Children enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival in the isolated alley

Children enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival in the isolated alley

Van Duc Pagoda – “Cai Gia Vi Tu”

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival in the middle of the pandemic season, but with compassion, the temple has brought love to the children who had to stay at home for 3 months without being able to enjoy playing right with their childhood. his own nature.

Therefore, Most Venerable Thich Hoang Tri, abbot of Van Duc Pagoda, directed volunteers to bring the joy of Mid-Autumn Festival to children in the area.

Baby's joy in the moon season in August

Baby’s joy in the moon season in August

Ms. Yen, the representative of the motel room (alley 530 To Ngoc Van) expressed her deep gratitude to the teachers, sponsors and brothers and sisters in the local authorities who have always cared for and cared for them. citizen. She said that the children in the village were very excited and excited when they heard that they would be given lanterns to play in the mid-autumn festival.

Mr. Thanh Hung (household on street number 7) expressed his gratitude to Van Duc Pagoda for giving the children the full joy of the Mid-Autumn Festival. He took the opportunity to take pictures of the children and send them to the Quarter 5 group to express his joy.

I am happy with sparkling lanterns

I am happy with sparkling lanterns

Thien An, a volunteer who directly participated in giving mid-autumn gifts to the children, shared: “This year, despite the lack of dancing lions, there are no more lantern parades, no more busy traffic… only The “love car” goes to each house, giving gifts to the children as a blessing to the children who are diligent, study well and soon return to normal activities with their friends.”

Children in the anti-epidemic neighborhood

Children in the anti-epidemic neighborhood

Every year, on the full moon day of August, Van Duc Pagoda organizes a jubilant Mid-Autumn Festival for children everywhere to return to attend. 2 years have passed, the Mid-Autumn Festival was quiet during the raging Covid-19 epidemic season, but this year the temple used a three-wheeler, knocking on door to door, bringing love to the children. collected in the spirit of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention and control.


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