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A newborn baby boy, about 5 days old, abandoned in Quang Minh Pagoda (Binh Phuoc) was discovered by a meritorious Buddhist. The local government has announced the search for the baby’s next of kin.

On the afternoon of September 21, the People’s Committee of Tan Dong ward, Dong Xoai city (Binh Phuoc) had an announcement about finding relatives of a baby about 5 days old, abandoned at Quang Minh Pagoda (Neighborhood 2, Tan Dong Ward). ).

It is known that around 6:45 am on the same day, Ms. NT H went to Quang Minh pagoda to do meritorious deeds. When he went to the auditorium to worship Buddha, he discovered a black bag inside containing a baby and newborn items.

5 day old baby abandoned in temple

Through examination, a baby was found about 5 days old, weighing about 3kg, white and yellow skin, wearing a yellow hat. The outside is wrapped in a light blue scarf, a polka dot hat with Trinh Thi Linh’s name written on it, a milk carton, a feeding bottle, a diaper and about 10 clothes…

According to the wishes of Nun Nhat Khuong (abbot of Quang Minh Pagoda), the People’s Committee of Tan Dong ward temporarily assigned the baby to the temple to take care and nurture while the ward People’s Committee announced to find the baby’s biological father and mother.

During the period from September 21 to September 27, whoever is the biological father or mother of the above-mentioned grandson should go to the People’s Committee of Tan Dong Ward to receive the child back. After the above time limit, if no one comes to receive the child, the People’s Committee of Tan Dong ward will carry out the procedures for the abandoned child (Registration of birth, adoption or placement in the Social Protection Center according to regulations). .


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