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Tue Trung Thuong Si used to throw away the negative criticism, because that is the inherent concept in the prism, with attractive colors. So it is not possible to feel deeply about a person who has attained the depth of realization.

Tue Trung Thuong Si walks in the middle of life

Tue Trung Thuong Si who possesses a unique transcendental style, living in the midst of life in a liberal freedom without dependence. He entered the world to live like everyone else but, with a Zen Master’s attitude beyond the consequences, not immersed in name and form, undoing the hindrances that ordinary people cannot comprehend and do.

Sergeant has it all, as all human beings on earth have, but Sergeant has a “no” that the inhabitants of the earth do not have. That nothingness is the ultimate instinct beyond prejudice, inferential judgment, and confinement in all dimensions. Acting in a super weird way without attachment, found only in people who have attained the realization of inner liberation.

Tue Trung comes to life, lives with people to transform all darkness, this action is the work of Bodhisattvas who carry great vows to cover the whole universe, sacrificing their lives to appease those who are suffering. Suffering is covering the spiritual sky that people are facing. That value is hidden through the person of Thuong Si, who used to stop the invasions of the Nguyen Dynasty by himself. Was once conferred the title of Hung Ninh Vuong. But he left all the rest of the Zen Master style, facing the world with tolerant, unrestricted love.

Mix with life or not, escape or immerse in birth and death, let go of everything or carry it all on your shoulders. For those who are enlightened and realized, every action is leisurely in the midst of a floating life. To these transcendentalists, it was all an illusion, an ephemeral play from the amphitheater, somewhere suddenly floating like its own unreal existence. The dark darkness creates suffering for those involved. Tue Trung Thuong Si came out from there, so he was free and relaxed, waved his hand and the darkness immediately melted, opened his mouth and thousands of flowers exposed their colors, and closed his eyes, it was a natural light.

There is a shadow that is not repelled, an image that is not destroyed. But, Tue Trung’s person and image became surreal, existing in the abyss of thousands of flowers, so forever a symbol for those who want to achieve a transcendental freedom, in finding the shining light of realization.

The only freedom that Tue Trung has is beyond the norm of freedom. There was only one person standing in the middle of heaven and earth, without any image around, if any, it was just a manifestation of the mind that transcended. The great mind of Tue Trung, who roams freely around samsara, has never once faltered before challenges.

Tue Trung’s sister, Queen Thien Cam, one day set up a party to invite him to attend, the table was full of meat and fish, vegetarian and salty. When he saw fish meat, he didn’t say anything, so he picked it up and ate it. Seeing that, the Queen was surprised and asked: “If you practice Zen and eat fish, how can you become a Buddha?”

The Master smiled and replied: “Buddha is Buddha, you are me. You don’t need to be a Buddha. Buddha does not need to be you. Haven’t you heard the ancient virtues say “Manjushri is Manjushri, liberation is liberation?”

Tue Trung is not a typical example of this liberality, he still has a lot of freedom in him. He was a customary man who did like life, what others had he also had but, having this is the reason of similarity, of awakening, and of real enlightenment.

When you’re in love, you don’t see color

When you are completely enlightened?

Emptiness and Enlightenment

Once upon a time, a common cause.


Master Sergeant Tue Trung: Giving the Buddha’s Heart Seal

It is because we are bound in our calculations that most create additional hindrances that fill the entrance to enlightenment. Seeing form is born intoxicating, smelling and hearing arise thousands of delusions, so the ceiling becomes a great tomb that encloses people. For Zen Master, going into life and death is like walking on a flower bed, drinking water of craving is like drinking nectar, living in the middle of life is like living with real enlightenment. Aren’t life the necessary interactions for that realization to reach the clouds?

Tue Trung died in the loving arms of his concubine, in the sad tears of the maidservant, in the mourning and lamentation piled up to bid farewell to the loved one until the end of the year. He walked away leisurely with the style of a man who shook off his debt, as if he had never been able to tie that person. He heard the crying, opened his eyes, sat up, ordered to wash his hands with water to rinse his mouth, lightly reprimanded a few words “Life and death are natural, why are you sad and nostalgic that disturbs my true nature.”

While he was alive, he was free, but when he was about to die, he saw the extraordinary freedom of the liberated man. If people were normal, they wouldn’t be mentally calm enough to lightly blame others and disturb their eternal sleep. The god of death is powerless in front of the positivists of the phenomenon of death and death, so he has to give up so that Tue Trung is free to come and go in life. The starting point from which he came was only a bridge between reality and unreality. This reality is the principle of what is beyond the domination of time and this reality is the result of realization, so destruction is only the medium for arisings. For those who have a sense of real enlightenment, having seen where the top is, there should be no differences because of that.

Unrealism can create endless hatred for those who have not discovered its thousand-year face. Because it is interdependent with emptiness, it exists. But for those who can drink a sip of water from the source, come and go without entangled heels, all are just clouds on the way, leisurely on the top of the hill bare with snow and dew.

What willpower pushed Tue Trung to leave behind the fluctuations of the world? What willpower has created a transcendent, super strange Tue Trung? Is it the result of discovering, searching, trampling and arousing the spiritual energy, perception, which is inherent in every human being?

If you want to undo and unfold this magical being, you must first look at the reality of birth and death with the eyes of wisdom, contemplating to the end of the object. The strongholds of deceptive reasoning must be broken immediately, using all abilities to fight back and push away troubles. Only the incomplete and magical emptiness that Tue Trung has achieved remains. Luckily I became like you. The form he has is there, a man who has never shaved his hair as a monk, but with his spirit soaring to the clouds, the form may be the outer layer of makeup. Not necessary, especially the journey to liberation. The distinction between a monastic and a layperson in the ordinary sense is the fulcrum to create a broker, but looking to the realizations of Zen masters there is no finite limit, but a key to rising up. Spirituality. If this is achieved, the land will be cleared of fertility, any boundary will not be razed and destroyed.

Tue Trung used to throw away criticisms of the market, because it is an inherent concept in the prism, with attractive colors. So it is not possible to feel deeply about a person who has attained the depth of realization. He once threw it into the abyss of the world. Therefore, those who were close to him surrendered and felt sympathy.

King Tran Nhan Tong wrote about his Master (Tue Trung) as follows: “The Senior Sergeant lives in the heart of the world, mixing his light in a dusty life, in every contact, the Sergeant always maintains a peaceful attitude, so never encountered any annoying cases. Thus he was able to carry on the seed of the Dharma to guide the novices. Those who came to study with him also received brief instructions from him showing the outline of the Dharma that their minds could rely on. The High Priest is not bound by form, sometimes hidden, sometimes revealed, he does not attach to form and noun.

Tue Trung Thuong Si talks about life and death



The image of Duy Ma Can and Bang Long Uan in the person of Tue Trung Thuong Si

Duy Ma Can and Tue Trung are two people in two different worlds, in two different eras and social contexts. But we have met at the point, which is the vows and manners of superhuman freaks.

Vimalakirti, a great layman, once gave teachings to the great disciples of the Buddha. Because he wanted to save sentient beings, he appeared as a rich bourgeois to take care of the poor. Because of his great vow, he manifests an effective Dharma protector for Shakyamuni Buddha, the bodhisattva’s vow is to be a pioneer in the life of the five stagnations to go into the rescue of bereaved sentient beings. And his style is a man with a wife and children who are extremely wealthy but, because of that, he is not entangled in the concerns of the liberated.

Vimalakirti Thought is a kind of transcendental thought, not in the norm. Once released, it will shake the entire universe. It can be put into a mustard seed by mountains of tudi, and can be filled with water from the four seas. hairy feet without stirring up the aquatic species. Vimalakirti once came out of the Tathagata’s house, so all activities are directed to peace and quiet, rich and regal, concubines, wives and children, having servants but practicing pure conduct, in addition to ordinary appearances but in is the Buddha’s mind, going into a place of gambling and drinking, but it is the great Bodhisattva’s vow to save all sentient beings.

He once gave instructions to the great disciple of the Buddha while sitting in zazen under a tree. “Dear Lord Sāriputta! Not all of them just sat there quietly. Besides, to sit quietly is to be in the three realms without manifesting the body is to sit quietly, not to come to an end in concentration, but to show postures is to sit quietly, not to leave the Dharma, but to do ordinary things is to sit. If the mind is quiet, the mind is neither inside nor outside, then it is sitting quietly, for the unmoving views that cultivate the thirty-seven levels of the new path, it is to sit quietly, without cutting off afflictions and entering Nirvana…


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