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Mother said: Son. Forty already. Let’s just think about it. After listening, nod and leave it. It’s not the first time, so I’m also callous. Because more than anyone else, I know what I need and what to do.

How to have a peaceful life?

I’m not naive enough to be shocked anymore, Mom. So is the arrogance, the needlessness of a youth. Then the more I go, the more I see through each life story. There is pain and loss, but I am not sad, or discouraged. I use it to draw lessons for myself.

Only through trials and tribulations can we know and understand the true value of what is called happiness. Thanks to seeing and thinking like that, through the months of self-reliance, I have known that I have grown and become wiser.

I still remember the first days of living away from my family. Normally, it’s okay, but when I’m sick or sick, I crave the attention and care of my loved ones. There were times when I cried because of loneliness, but fortunately, the friends around me, extended their arms and hugged me. They share with their children to the fullest. I just had a slight fever, they rushed to take medicine.

The new peace of mind penetrates the turbidity – Illustration

Once, I feel that I am a very lucky person, because out of millions of acquaintances, there are… relatives.

Time goes on. Like my mother said, when I was in my twenties, when I looked back I was forty. I don’t know where my life will stop. But I know, right now I’m looking for a safe place for myself. There is no need for a house or a car, so my life is quite simple and idyllic. In the morning, take the car to work. Noon, make up for it with brothers and friends. At night, stay with yourself. Everything with such children is more than enough.

Those who are skillful in practicing Buddhism will have peace and happiness

The future hasn’t come yet, so in the present, I just hope life is peaceful. Mothers, siblings, grandchildren and relatives live happy and healthy lives. Life and death are common sense, living now and then tomorrow, so if they still exist, they should treat each other well. And grace is still cultivated. End of fate does not cause resentment, more enemies.

Second, those who pass through life, can remember, can forget. But it must be told that: anger, love and hate must be clear. Do not fall into the abyss of things: love is covered up, and hate is also torn into a terrible story.

Happiness, suffering, heartbreak

Joy and sadness follow the water pouring into the river

Dao life remember the sentence Cause and Effect

New peace of mind… opaque in!


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