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Ma Ha Ba Sa Ba De and 500 Shakyamuni followers with her were allowed by the Buddha to receive great ordination, becoming the first bhikkhunis of the congregation.

Buddhism is the religion of equality. The Buddha said, “I am a Buddha who has become, and sentient beings who are Buddhists will become.” Therefore, at the request of the venerable Ananda, Madame Ma Ha Ba Xa Ba De was the third child of A Noa of Shakyamuni King, King of Thien Ty city, Kosala country. She was also the sister of Ma Da Phu. She is the mother of Shakyamuni Buddha. Her son is Nanda, but her love for Siddhartha is more.

The mundane life of Bhikkhuni Lotus Flower

Ma Ha Ba Xa Ba De asked the Buddha for ordination

After returning to Kapilavat City, he preached the Dharma to the princes and sons and selected an heir to King Tinh San, after finishing, the Buddha withdrew to live in the forest of Nicau Da, outside the city of Kapila Ve. Bi has absorbed the teachings of liberation, one day Mrs. Ma Ha Ba Ba Xa Ba De led 500 female bodies to the forest of Ni Cau Da, presented to the Buddha two robes sewn by her own hands. The Buddha did not accept it and suggested that he give it to the Sangha to gain more blessings. She expressed dissatisfaction, the Buddha had to accept 1 card and the rest she gave to a monk. On that occasion, she asked the Buddha to be ordained as a man. Although the Dharma is equal, anyone can become a Buddha, but the functions between men and women are different:

In fact, because of fear of causing bad things, the masses disagreed, and the Buddha did not approve.

Because the will was determined, even though he asked the Buddha three times, he still did not accept it. When she returned to the palace, she and the 500 female bodies took off their hair and put on their robes, trying to find a way to ask the Buddha to become a monk. One day, she and 500 female bodies set off to Tinh Xa Na Ma to sue nuns, where the Buddha was teaching because of the long distance, when she and the female bodies were tired, they had to sit together and wait for the opportunity. to worship Buddha. Accidentally coming out of the monastery, Ananda saw a strange thing and asked why, Ma Ha presented her will and asked Ananda to ask the Buddha for help to achieve her wish. Before the highly voluntary will of the mother, the Buddha accepted for her and 500 female monastic bodies, with 8 conditions, the Buddha called 8 respects.

1. The bhikkhuni must be y only the bhikkhus to ask for the full precepts.

2. Bhikkhunis every fortnight, must come to the residence of the bhikkhus to conduct a ceremony to invite the teacher.

3. Bhikkhunis, once a year, settle down. But if there are no monks in the area, it is absolutely not allowed to set up your own fetters.

4. Bhikkhunis are not allowed to commit crimes or say mistakes of bhikkhus. On the contrary, a bhikkhu has the right to say the fault of a bhikkhuni.

5. If a bhikkhuni commits a crime, he must ask for his repentance before the two sets of monks and nuns, in the nearest monthly slap period.

6. Bhikkhuni nuns have been fully ordained for 100 years, but for newly ordained Bhikkhus, they have to pay respects and salute.

7. Bhikkhunis after the season of residence must come before the bhikkhus to ask for things that are not satisfactory, through eyes, ears or doubts.

8. The bhikkhuni has something to ask the bhikkhu, but if for some reason the bhikkhu does not answer, it is not allowed to ask further.

The mundane life of Bhikkhuni Lotus Flower

According to the Buddha’s will, fear of the presence of women in the Church may cause the dharma to mutate or soon perish, and other objections may occur. Mrs. Ma Ha Xa Ba De strictly abide by the covenants. She became the first bhikkhuni in the Buddhist church and attained enlightenment no less than men. For bhikkhunis, there is the number 1 Dharma Lap as an example for bhikkhunis.


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