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“It only takes one recitation of the Buddha to be carried away” – This practice sounds very easy and simple. But the core point of the practice of Nembutsu is that one-pointedness is not disturbed to be brought to the Pure Land.


For a long time, it is often said that when practicing in the Pure Land, just reciting the Buddha’s name, Amitabha Buddha has 48 great vows, including the vow to help sentient beings recite the Buddha’s name, and will be taken to the Pure Land to continue listening to the Buddha’s teachings. It only takes one recitation of the Buddha to be carried away. This practice sounds very easy and simple. But the core point of the practice of Nembutsu is that one-pointedness is not disturbed to be brought to the Pure Land. It is not easy to just recite one Buddha name, but it is explained that one-pointedly without disturbance is to focus on one Buddha name only. That is the samadhi state of meditation. To do so, also use meditation to recite the Buddha’s name, that is, to meditate in the Pure Land. When the Buddha preached that in the west there was Amitabha Buddha with 48 great vows, sentient beings hurriedly followed this Pure Land practice. In this practice, the Buddha teaches the way to save others when sentient beings are not strong enough to light the torch by themselves but follow the Buddha.

Set the mind in Ultimate Bliss – HT. Thich Tri Quang

According to the Pure Land method, reciting the Buddha’s name is the first step of the practitioner and the second stage is contemplating and reciting the Buddha’s name, which is the main dharma that helps us to be reborn. Because by going through such an elaborate process of reciting the name of Amitabha Buddha, we enter into remembrance and visualize Amitabha Buddha with the Saints and the world of Ultimate Bliss.

Using this contemplation, we follow the Sutra of Contemplation of Infinite Life and visualize the Pure Land, the cultivators there, and the Buddha Amitabha preaching the Dharma. That is the step to develop our spirituality, because we have left the written language. Therefore, Pure Land practitioners have a different perspective than ordinary people. Ordinary people see the surrounding scenery, but those who meditate and meditate on Buddha’s name, meditate and meditate on the Buddha’s mind, go inside, so the outside world is gradually closed. That is why the Pure Land dharma is considered to be superior, beyond the remembrance of the Buddha’s name.

Indeed, slowly closing the outside world, experiencing the non-conceptual dharma is not using language, form, not thinking according to the outer bar; But this thought is always in our mind. If we practice like this, the defilements and defilements in the Saha world will slowly fall away, no longer affecting our minds. Buddhists should think about this.

When reciting Amitabha Buddha’s name to the point that he can no longer hear the surrounding sounds or see the surroundings, he is already in agreement with the liberating dharma that the Buddha taught the shravakas to practice in order to enter Nirvana, which is emptiness. act, involuntarily.

We recite the Buddha’s name in the beginning and also listen to the ceiling conditions, then listen to the sound of our recitation of Buddha’s name and finally, proceed to a state of mind that is empty, peaceful, and liberated; That is, we recite Amitabha Buddha and have also entered the Buddha’s liberation door to teach the Second Vehicle.

On the path of cultivation, it is required that we gather our minds to reach Ultimate Bliss and have a pure mind, while practicing the Way in Saha

Is there any contradiction between truth and Pure Land reason?

If there is within us the seed of the Pure Land, or the pure person, it is that Pure Land kernel that gives rise to the belief that Amitabha Buddha, there is his world of Ultimate Bliss and someone is reborn. So when the earthly conditions come to an end, the Pure Land nucleus will sprout and become a lotus tree in the seven treasures pond of the Land of Ultimate Bliss. Thus, even though the person who recites the Buddha’s name is in Tathagata, his mind has been placed in the seven treasure pools of Ultimate Bliss. Mr. Huyen Giac describes this idea as “Singing the mind An nourishing incense”, that is, the body is still in Tathagata, but our mind has been placed in Amitabha’s Ultimate Bliss.

The person who puts his mind in Ultimate Bliss must be different from the one who puts his mind in Saha. If you cultivate, keep your mind in Ta-she, then the annoying things always appear in front of you and affect you. In this way, for our brothers and sisters, we are not satisfied, from the way we eat, from the way we walk, from the way we speak, from the way we prostrate ourselves, we all get frustrated. If you practice the Pure Land, you will definitely not be reborn. Practitioners of the Pure Land must definitely end their mind in Saha and put their mind in Ultimate Bliss. Studying the Pure Land method and on the way of practicing Buddha Recitation, when I am present in the crowd, or in the room, but I meditate and recite Amitabha Buddha, all the scenery in the room disappear, as well as the sound. I can no longer hear the sound of the masses. I have to put my mind in Ultimate Bliss and put my mind in Ultimate Bliss, then Ta-she disappears and Ultimate Bliss appears. This Dharma-door helps us practice burning stages, taking shortcuts, so winning is like that; because from Saha to reach the world of Ultimate Bliss without having to go through three as-sangha-kalpas to practice all the dharmas taught by Shakyamuni Buddha.

Indeed, the Buddha taught that in order to reach Nirvana, it takes three aeons of aeons to accomplish all the dharmas and yet to spend another hundred aeons practicing the Bodhisattva path, saving all of them. born, attain Buddhahood. If we follow this path, even if we go for hundreds of thousands of lives, we will never reach it.

It is because of the extreme difficulty of the dangerous road of life and death that sentient beings are difficult to overcome, that the Buddha introduced the Pure Land practice to help all people be liberated gently, by just bringing joy and happiness to everyone. Our firm belief in the world of Ultimate Bliss is to cut off our mindfulness at Saha immediately.

If faith is weak, it is impossible to reach Ultimate Bliss; Weak faith can be compared to a rocket with insufficient power, before it has passed through the space layer, it will fall back down.

Indeed, when we meditate, aim for the goal of Ultimate Bliss, use all our mindfulness to project our mind through the Pure Land, suddenly remembering what has not been done, remembering this and that, is to return to reality immediately, just like Missile deflated and fell. This realization happened a hundred times in my life. But we are not discouraged, each time we fall, we try to find fuel, create new rockets, ie ponder, think about why the mind falls back to Saha, why not to Ultimate Bliss. So, read more scriptures, or notes of the high level increase; because they also went through the experience of practice, to perfect our “mind spaceship” to cross over ten thousand billion worlds and reach Ultimate Bliss.

The Lotus Sutra teaches that faith is the mother that gives birth to the Buddhas. Must strengthen the belief for real solid; because if the fuel is not enough, the “heart” spaceship that flies halfway up will fall down, so we have to be fully equipped.

Watching TV, we see that the spacecraft placed on the launch pad must have sub-missiles hanging around. The five sutras are Amitabha, Immeasurable Life, Quan Amitabha, Hoa Nghiem and Mausoleum, which are likened to five auxiliary rockets placed together on a launch pad as a means to create propulsion, to bring the “heart’s spaceship”. we are overcome by the attraction of Tathagata. History shows that the spiritual Patriarchs know how to combine these sutras to sublime spirituality. On the way to Ultimate Bliss, you need the Pure Land of the Five Sutras, but after going out of space, you have to press the quit button. Missing rockets, ie leaving the sutras so that our minds are light, no longer entangled in anything, we can reach Ultimate Bliss. This is often expressed as crossing the river and abandoning the boat.

In the Pure Land sutras, Buddha Shakyamuni and Buddha Amitabha teach sentient beings to practice the Nembutsu method, visualize and make a vow to be reborn, creating good conditions to be eligible to enter the world of Ultimate Bliss. .

In the Pure Land sutras, Buddha Shakyamuni and Buddha Amitabha teach sentient beings to practice the Nembutsu method, visualize and make a vow to be reborn, creating good conditions to be eligible to enter the world of Ultimate Bliss. .

The power of loving-kindness establishes the pure land of the human world

Ta-she ends, only pure mind, ie pure people, can enter the seven treasure ponds in Ultimate Bliss. Any other concepts fall back into this world.

And when the mind is in Ultimate Bliss, we can hear Amitabha’s dharma sound; Listening to sutras with our mind, not with words, our mind is through the mind of Buddha. Cultivate to reach this attainment, always listening to the Buddha preaching the Dharma. People who return to Ultimate Bliss listen to Amitabha Buddha’s teachings with their hearts and, having heard them, immediately realize the Forbearance of No-Birth. Only one time listening to the Buddha’s teaching that he realizes No Birth, while normally it takes an Arahant to practice for three aeons to realize No Birth. Having to go to Ultimate Bliss and listen to Amitabha Buddha preach with the mind to realize the fruit of Non-birth and re-existence from No-birth, then he did not leave the Ancestral Kingdom but returned to Ta-she. In other words, our mind still abides in Ultimate Bliss, but the body is in Saha; At that time, the body in Ta-she became the satellite of Ultimate Bliss, so it caught the signal of Ultimate Bliss, heard the Dharma sound of Amitabha Buddha.

Believers, if they have computers connected to the world, just need to open the network to know information around the world. In the same way, even though those who have attained enlightenment are in Saha, but their minds are fixed in the Pure Land, they should hear Amitabha Buddha speak the Dharma, and whoever has predestined contact with them will be at once peaceful and liberated. That is the miracle of the practitioner entering the Pure Land.

On the path of cultivation, it is required that we compose our minds to reach Ultimate Bliss and purify our minds, while practicing in Taha, but our body, mind, and living circumstances have the power to convince and captivate everyone. . Achieving such results, the Buddha taught that each person should go in a different direction to teach sentient beings. But there are people who misunderstand this idea, rush to teach, but have not been liberated, then no one listens, only defilements arise. It is important to realize the Unborn forbearance, our lives show the way of liberation, only those who see the good results will be liberated.

On the occasion of the day Amitabha BuddhaI hope that all practitioners of the Pure Land method will put their minds in Ultimate Bliss, learn how to think and live the life of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, Saints, Lien Tri Hai Assembly, and their minds will be clear according to their wishes. their upbringing. After that, the practitioner’s mind returns to Saha, as a safe refuge, liberating everyone to sublimate morality and knowledge.

Through the article of Thich Tri Quang, we find that the Pure Land has combined meditation, meditation, and reciting the Buddha’s name with one mind without disturbance, which is the attainment of samadhi, and then the contemplation of macrobiotics about emptiness and only consciousness. Like the Surangama Sutra, attaining enlightenment without being born in the Dharma, this patience is gaining entry into the Dharma…


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