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Mach Tich Son cave is a unique cave complex carved into the rock. This place contains more than 7200 Buddhist sculptures. Construction began in the Qin Dynasty.

The secret of the cave containing thousands of Buddha statues

Giant Buddha inaugurated in Brazil

Mach Tich Son Rock Cave, China is a world cultural heritage and is one of the four largest caves in China. It houses a valuable collection of clay Buddhist sculptures and exquisite murals made in AD 384-417 and thousands of years later.

Perched on the steep cliffs of Maiji Mountain, the Mach Xishan Grottoes are not easily accessible but are well preserved. Moxishan Grottoes is about 35 kilometers southeast of Tianshui City, Gansu Province and is one of the mountains of the Qinling Mountains to the west of Xiaolong Mountain. The rock cave nearly 142 meters above the ground is carved into the mountain in the shape of a pile of wheat stacked on top of each other, so people call it Maiji mountain which means wheat mountain in Chinese.

Mai Xishan Grottoes, China.

Currently, there are 194 Buddhist caves, 7200 carved clay sculptures, 1000 square meters of murals. All the caves are carved in the cliff, distributed in the east and west cliffs.

The beauty of Mach Tich Son cave

The east cliff currently has 54 caves, the west cliff currently has 140 caves. Because Maiji Mountain has a loose rock structure and is not easy to carve, there are exquisite clay sculptures with mostly colored clay sculptures.

Impressive beauty of Mach Tich Son cave.

Impressive beauty of Mach Tich Son cave.

Scholars believe that this cave system began to be built over many dynasties.

The Mai Xishan Grottoes are well preserved because all the caves are chiseled into the steep cliffs of the mountain, they are not easily accessible thereby escaping much of the ravages of history. Today, visitors can admire Buddha sculptures and murals on a narrow path along the cliffs.

Mach Tich Son Grottoes only issue 6,400 tickets per day.

Mach Tich Son Grottoes only issue 6,400 tickets per day.

Inside the monastery there are more than 12,000 gilded Buddha statues

The clay sculptures at Mai Xishan are famous at home and abroad. The thousands of sculptures here that can be as high as 16 meters or as small as 10 centimeters reflect the sculptural characteristics of various periods and the development of Chinese clay sculpture over the past thousand years.

The diverse Buddhist statues, valuable murals and structures built on the cliffs are all well worth a visit. To protect those cultural relics, some caves are selected as special caves and visitors need to buy tickets to visit.

To avoid being overloaded by tourists, Mach Tich Son cave only issues 6,400 tickets per day. The most prominent areas to visit are cave numbers 003, 004, 013, 121.

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