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On the afternoon of September 24, 2021. The leadership of the district police, the Youth Shock Team of Tra Vinh province, in conjunction with the Tra Cu District Women’s Birth Control Association, visited and supported the necessities of Pray Vo pagoda and Sa Van pagoda, which are facing difficulties due to the impact of the covid epidemic. 19 in Ngoc Bien commune, Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province.

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In the delegation were the presence of: HT. Kim Ngoc Toan, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Association, Chairman of the Tra Cu District Women’s Birth Control Association, Venerable Giang So Thanh, Chief of Office of the District Association, Colonel Cao Van Sam, Head of District Police, Senior Colonel Thach Nao, Deputy Chief of Public Security district, Mr. Huynh Hoai Phong, Captain of the Provincial Youth Shockwave, and members of the delegation.

At the place of visit, on behalf of the district police leadership, Colonel Cao Van Sam kindly sent greetings to the health of the Abbot, all monks and Buddhists. At the same time, I hope the Abbots continue to mobilize monks and Buddhist relatives, on the upcoming traditional Sene Dolta holidays, to well implement measures to prevent and control the Covid epidemic according to Directive 15 of the Prime Minister. government prime minister. In order to ensure the health of themselves and the community, contribute to the determination of the local government to fight the epidemic in the district, and soon return people’s lives to a new normal.

On this occasion, the delegation came to give necessities to 6 pagodas in the district, including Sa Van pagoda supporting 300 kg of rice, 10 boxes of noodles, vegetables,…

Receiving the delegation, Venerable Thach Truong, Member of the Executive Committee of the District Women’s Youth Union Association, Abbot of Pray Vo Pagoda, expressed his excitement to send his thanks and best wishes to the leaders of the District Association, the District Police and the Team. Youth assault province. There was attention, precious time to visit and support the essential necessities to the temple.


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