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Recently, HT. Tin Long Chan – Pham Thi Tieng – Head of the Provincial Development and Development Sub-Committee, together with the leaders visited and presented gifts to parents and student unions facing difficulties affected by the Covid-19 epidemic in the province.

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Due to the complicated epidemic situation, Tra Vinh province’s GDPT has many leaders and student unions who still face many difficulties in life. At the destination, Brother Long Chan sent greetings to the health status of the elders and student unions. At the same time, encouraging them to try to stay healthy and overcome difficulties soon, especially the Youth Union students entering the new school year strive to study well, regularly every Sunday arrange online activities until the end of the school year. After the epidemic is over, the Union will return to normal activities.

Supported by the leaders and sponsors and given 100 gifts of “Sharing Tinh Lam” to the elder brother, the student group had 3 units, including: Bao An, Nhu Kien and Lien Hai, each part includes: rice , sugar, soy sauce, cooking oil, moon cakes, lanterns…


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the volunteers, and best wishes for health and peace to the leaders and benefactors.


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