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Due to the different merits and demerits, people have different bodies, words, and physiques, and no one is the same. The rich, the poor, the long-lived, the short-dead, the intelligent, and the ignorant also come from there.

The liberator is blessed

From Europe, I went to America. Apparently 1988. My sister was living in San Bernadino, California at the time. My sister is suffering from terminal cancer. Very weak but always smiling. I went to live with her and took care of her until she passed away. After that, I visited temples throughout California and the United States. There weren’t many temples back then. There are only a few large temples throughout California.

Around Europe and then to the US, I clearly see that the people of different countries and continents are different habits and karma groups.

They appear different, but they are alike in being drawn into suffering by the force of karma.

Their suffering is the same.

Their greed, hatred, and attachment are the same.

The same attachment. They pursue money, love – and suffer a lot for them.

If they leave the world to pursue religion and spirituality, they also have greed and attachment in spirituality. Still suffering.

The true Dharma, the truth, is beyond both – both the spiritual and religious ways. Therefore, the true Dharma can help people of all cultures, countries, and religions without distinction. True Dharma does not depend on culture or country.

To be the most afraid of people is to enjoy all the blessings without creating new ones. If you want to receive, you must first learn to give.

Going through different cultures helps me understand people’s way of life so that I can help them according to their karma, i.e. where they are stuck. Living in the US allows me to be much more flexible than when I was in Thailand. Americans love to hug and kiss when greeting their loved ones. They embrace even monks or priests with whom they are close. My neighbor, Barbara, hugs me every time she sees me. The same goes for American Buddhists. In Thailand, Buddhists are not allowed to touch monks. Female Buddhists are not allowed to sit near monks. In America, sometimes I even played soccer to stay healthy (laughs). In Thailand, monks are not allowed to play football.

Honoring parents sincerely, immeasurable blessings and honor to life

After my sister passed away, I left the US to return to Asia but not to Thailand. I visited Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. In these places, every time I teach the Dharma, thousands of people come to listen. I don’t know how they know. There was no Internet at that time, but they still knew.

In these places, people follow many religions. Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, local religion. I am not saying anything sublime. I say the simple things in life. I say what is the nature of worldly life. Why should we not be delusional and attached to worldly life, from food, clothing, shelter, relationships, money, fame.

This life is really constantly changing according to conditions and passing very quickly, it never brings true satisfaction or happiness. Our life may be very stable, but when it is enough, it immediately changes. The peace was suddenly gone and troubles fell, piling up. Good today, sick tomorrow. Today have everything, tomorrow lose everything.

If we are not prepared to have peace of mind in all the ups and downs of life, we will always struggle in waves of suffering. If we do not seek the Dharma, do not seek the truth to have inner peace, then we are losing the greatest blessing of being born as a human. Use this human life to find true happiness. Happy The truth will come when understanding the Dharma. When you see the truth. A life without dharma as a foundation will suffer greatly.


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