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The mirror has the function to let us see and reflect on our own face and body, in order to correct it to be clean, neat and tidy every day.

Yet there are many people standing in front of the mirror, praying for the mirror to be clean and neat, but refuse to change and correct the bad in their face and body.

In the same way, there are many people who stand in front of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas praying and praying all kinds of things, but never willing to change, correct the bad things in their own thoughts, words, and actions every day.

The Buddha’s teachings on cause and effect

Buddhism advises people to be good people and do good deeds.

Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are mirrors, and ornaments that help us make every day, aimed at happiness and happiness, but not a place of prayer. Beautify yourself every day by standing before the Buddha and adorning yourself with his teachings.

Please remember that:

– People who create unwholesome karma, born anywhere, often encounter all kinds of suffering, as well as meet enemies, enemies are often lurking waiting for loopholes to find harmful wings, so life is never good. be happy now.

– People who create many good karmas, born anywhere often meet all kinds of happiness, as well as meet relatives, relatives often welcome, greet, visit … so life is always happy that’s happiness.

– If in life we ​​often meet all the favorable things, all the good things, then we are meeting the old relatives again. If we always meet bad or bad things.. we are meeting the old enemy again.

Buddha’s teaching about two types of people who are submerged in water

Buddha's teaching to be human is one of the basic and profound principles that everyone needs to follow.

Buddha’s teaching to be human is one of the basic and profound principles that everyone needs to follow.

All my life, I was busy growing peppers, but I went to the temple to ask the Buddha to let the chili plant bear oranges.. Buddha could have a tooth!

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