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The CEO of Moderna pharmaceutical group (USA) has made a forecast that increasing vaccine production could end the COVID-19 pandemic by mid-2022.

Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, said in an interview with Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung: “If you look at the expansion of COVID-19 vaccine production capacity across the industry over the past six months, By mid-2022, there will be enough vaccines for everyone in the world to be vaccinated.”

Mr. Bancel said: “There will be vaccines available for even newborns as well as booster doses for those who need them. Those who don’t get vaccinated will become immune because the Delta variant is very contagious. “.

According to Bancel, the COVID-19 epidemic will progress similarly to the case of the flu. “You can get vaccinated and not get sick in the winter. If you don’t get vaccinated, you run the risk of getting sick and possibly even being hospitalized.”

According to Moderna’s representative, the COVID-19 epidemic will end in 2022. (Photo: AP)

When asked when humanity can get out of the pandemic that has infected more than 219 million people, over 4.5 million people die and return to normal life, Mr. Bancel replied: “I think, counting until today is another year.”

Moderna’s two-dose COVID-19 vaccine is approved in about 100 countries and is one of three vaccines used in the US vaccination campaign with a high efficiency rate of up to 93% in 6 months after birth. second dose, which was virtually unchanged from the 94.5% reported in the phase 3 clinical trials of this vaccine.

However, Mr Bancel stressed that vaccinated people “will definitely need a booster shot at some point to be protected from the virus”. He hopes young people will get a booster shot every three years and once a year for the elderly.

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