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From the time the Buddha existed, he advised each individual to strive to do meritorious deeds with enthusiasm and diligence to bring great benefit. You should remember that even a small act of kindness, but the good effect of that action has a great impact on many people.

It seems that the accumulation of merit values ​​in terms of deeds, words, thoughts of body, speech, and mind will give you an inheritance of “Blessed Virtue” to enjoy. inheritance. This is a “blessed” bank that none other than, each individual has the ability to invest, no matter who you are, where you live, what you are doing, how your income is, depending on your investment ability. useful deeds that have an interest in earning “blessings” for oneself. Clearly, “blessings“It is not a natural occurrence, it is the process of each individual’s investment in implementing a spiritual life of self-introspection, living in accordance with the Dharma, and doing useful things for the world. Like a garden, if you do not invest in taking care of the seeds, fertilizing, and performing other stages, you will never enjoy the good sweet fragrance.

Planting blessings: The old woman sells the poor

The Buddha once said, when a thought of anger arises, it will burn the forest of merit.

Therefore, you must quickly invest in the “Phuoc Duc” bank anytime, anywhere. As long as you have a sense of volunteering and diligently doing good deeds, the effect will be immediate. By, through making an effort to practice the 6 perfections that the Buddha once recommended, anyone who wants to live an introverted life and fulfill the bodhisattva vows to save themselves and save lives can become a monk. society’s most useful investment. These are generosity, morality, patience, diligence, meditation, and wisdom. Six methods of implementing investment “Phuoc Duc”.

Giving is the most effective method that anyone living in this world is capable of practicing. Whether you are a person who owns a lot of wealth, or a poor person, there is a chance to practice that aspiration. There are three ways of giving, sharing suffering with others: giving of material possessions, giving of Dharma, and giving of fearlessness.

Obviously, there is no one who can not perform some form of almsgiving. Even if you are in a state of poverty or unemployment, you can give alms, share in the pain of need and loss of others who are worse than yourself, or can help with public works by giving alms. , however small, if the person desires to be fulfilled. Even a person who is completely unable to do so, can be useful to others and society by developing the mind to serve.

A person who has knowledge and wisdom in a certain area of ​​expertise can also teach or lead others in cases where he has no money or is physically weak. In general, people with difficult circumstances can also perform dharma giving, such as instructing people to listen to or practice Dharma from a certain teacher.

Another method of banking investment “Phuoc Duc” is shown by you again, by living strictly according to the principles of precepts and laws established by the community, organization and society. The minimum thing you need to realize is that when you live in accordance with the Dharma, you will not only be at peace with yourself, but also affect others in the direction that leads to peace and happiness; On the contrary, it will lead to suffering for oneself and lead to insecurity, even harm to others. The positive aspect of keeping the precepts is to serve everyone in the hope that everyone will be happy. The more goodness you do, the more you elevate yourself and the more effectively you will be able to serve others.

The third expression for investing in merit is to show patience. The positivity of patience in all environments and living situations is to develop the virtue of generosity. We will no longer be angry or scold others when we are not satisfied with ourselves. If you don’t have the vow to be patient, patient, or generous in such situations, you will inevitably cause suffering to yourself and others.

Cultivation needs to be full of merit

The Buddha once said, when a thought of anger arises, it will burn the forest of merit. Therefore, by implementing this investment method, you will have many blessings due to a peaceful mind, no longer having feelings of anger and hatred towards those who hurt, insult or betray, but also try to help. help them again. Above all, you are not psychologically shaken by the joys and sorrows of treatment, but only know how to be quietly awake to make accurate decisions for your own benefit. This state of mind is the culmination of the practice of patience, manifesting the compassion that brings happiness to people and world peace.

Effort is a necessary and sufficient condition for creating merit. Efforts to eliminate unwholesome things that have not yet arisen, do not allow them to arise, and even when they have arisen, definitely give up. At the same time, you diligently do good deeds that have not yet arisen to make them appear, and even when they have arisen, make them sublime. It is important that you make every effort to do meritorious deeds, even the smallest things can not be ignored, steadfastly serving your ideal of happiness.

You must make every effort to do meritorious deeds, even the smallest things cannot be ignored, steadfastly serving your ideals and vows.

You must make every effort to do meritorious deeds, even the smallest things cannot be ignored, steadfastly serving your ideals and vows.

Meditation is an investment in merit and wisdom, extremely important for a person who is oriented to practice liberation. We not only strive to practice Buddhist teachings but also know how to see things with a calm mind and think about things properly. The right decision to solve the problem can bring more public values ​​​​and practice meritorious deeds.

The ultimate way to invest is wisdom. You will solve all problems incompletely if wisdom does not shine. For example, if you meet a person who is in pain and writhing because of lack of medicine, because of pity, you give little money, it is wrong. It is important that you direct them to a rehab school, so that doing so will bring useful value to that person. It seems that intelligence is an important factor to human success.

By implementing such investment methods, you will be the person who becomes rich and happy and peaceful in this life and the next thanks to the accumulation and profits from the “Phuoc Duc” bank. In the case of a novice, instead of dying prematurely, he only had seven days left to live, and became long-lived thanks to the merits of saving the ants’ lives on the way back home. Someone asked for a lamp to be given away, so that the whole family reunited. A lamp of a poor woman has lit up everyone’s wisdom, thanks to that good cause, she met a rich person, so the blessings never stop… and many other cases are more than that like classic history books. record. What are you waiting for, friends, without boldly investing!

Blessings are invisible but protect themselves


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