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Singer Phi Nhung died at 11:57 pm on September 28, after more than a month of Covid-19 treatment at Cho Ray Hospital, 49 years old.

Female singer Phi Nhung died due to severe complications of Covid-19, lung consolidation and partial lung failure, Cytokine storm, organ failure. Leaders of Cho Ray hospital confirmed to reporter Tien Phong, singer Phi Nhung died at 11:57pm on September 28. According to a representative of Cho Ray hospital, the singer was run ECMO, dialysis and used the most specific drugs.

On the evening of September 22, the singer’s relatives said that the doctor reported that the singer’s situation had worsened, the lungs were necrotic and solidified.

Singer Phi Nhung adopts an abandoned baby in front of her house

Singer Phi Nhung died due to severe complications of Covid-19.

In August, Phi Nhung returned from charity work and caught a cold. The singer tested for RT-PCR and tested positive for nCoV. In mid-August, Phi Nhung was hospitalized at Gia An 115 Hospital, then transferred to Cho Ray Hospital for treatment at the Intensive Care Unit.

Phi Nhung’s representative said that doctors used all measures to treat the singer, including ECMO intervention. Her biological daughter – Wendy Pham – because she is in the US, she authorizes artist Viet Huong to take care of her mother’s illness, as well as contact the hospital. According to the crew, in July, Phi Nhung postponed her plan to return to the US to reunite with her daughter because she wanted to continue to stay in Saigon to do volunteer work during the pandemic.

Singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh – a colleague of singer Phi Nhung – said that at the beginning of August, she also called and talked to Phi Nhung, discussing doing a show in the US to raise money to buy a ventilator to support hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City to fight the epidemic.

Many colleagues such as singers Manh Quynh, Thanh Thao, Hoang Bach … were sad when they heard that she was hospitalized before. Manh Quynh once said on his personal page: “I’m not as good at everything as you, but I’m confident when I stand next to you on stage. Even if tomorrow’s life situation changes, it won’t let us “juggling” with each other. In order to bring smiles and musical inspiration to the audience, the two are still best friends.” Singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh said in early August, she also called Phi Nhung to talk to her. The story will make a show in the US to raise money to buy a ventilator to support the Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

Tan Hoang had the opportunity to play the role of Phi Nhung’s husband in the film project 12 waterfronts. He appreciates the singer’s sincerity and concern for others. More than 10 years ago, he and an artist decided to buy a plane ticket and interview to travel to the US. At that time, he rented a hotel to stay. When she heard the news, Phi Nhung offered to invite two colleagues to her house to help save costs. After a few days, the female singer was busy performing, so she prepared rice, food … available at home. She even promised to introduce the show to the seniors to make money.

Before contracting COVID-19, Phi Nhung participated in a number of Charity Kitchens in Ho Chi Minh City and had close contact with several F0 cases. Because she was positive for SARS-CoV-2, the singer had to cancel a flight and a show in the US on August 22.

Spiritual preparation for the dying person

Before contracting COVID-19, Phi Nhung participated in a number of Charity Kitchens in Ho Chi Minh City.

Before contracting COVID-19, Phi Nhung participated in a number of Charity Kitchens in Ho Chi Minh City.

Female singer Phi Nhung Born in 1970, from Gia Lai, he has two Vietnamese and American bloodlines. In 1989, she went to the US, sang charity at the temple and succeeded in the overseas music village. In 2005, Phi Nhung returned to the country, still pursuing the country’s music. The voice of Bong Mad Dien adopted many orphans, including the sponsor of The Voice Kids 2016 champion – Ho Van Cuong – studied until the age of 18.

Before the passing of female singer Phi Nhung, each of us Buddhists should single-mindedly and sincerely recite the title Amitabha Buddha in order to help the artist’s spirit to increase concentration, enter the bardo to be transcended into the good realm.

May this merit,

Towards all.

Disciples and sentient beings,

All are fully Buddhist.


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