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To practice Pure Land is to cultivate the mind to tame the mind and stay calm. Reciting the Buddha’s name is just a means to the concentration of the mind, Amitabha Buddha is a recitation with other power to help us go to the Buddha and we become one.

How to recite Buddha’s name with one mind without disturbance – Master Tinh Khong

Reciting the Buddha’s name with one mind without disturbance according to the method of Master An Quang through the teachings of Master Tinh Khong. Master An Quang taught that: The best method of using the practice of reciting the “Amitabha Buddha” is the six-rooted recollection, the contemplation of mindfulness:

1. At the moment of reciting “Amitabha Buddha”, the mind concentrates on the title of “Amitabha Buddha”, which is the photography of the mind.

2. The mouth must recite for clear coherence ie photography Damage.

3. The ear must be able to hear clearly and coherently, ie the ear of the ear.

4. These three apartments take over the title “Amitabha Buddha‘, then the eye is determined not to see the other turmoil that is photography.

5. The nose also doesn’t smell other bad smells, which is the root of the Snake.

6. The body must be reverent as the photographer.

– If the 6 senses have been subdued without being scattered, the mind will not have false thoughts. Only “Amitabha Buddha” is the new mindfulness is pure mindfulness. If you always take all 6 senses and meditate, then it’s called pure mindfulness, if you always keep your thoughts together, one mind won’t be disturbed, reciting “Amitabha Buddha” Samadhi will gradually be achieved!

– Reciting “Amitabha Buddha” must often think that he is about to die and will fall to hell, then it is not urgent, it is also urgent, if it is not compatible, it is also similar. Using the fear of suffering to recite “Amitabha Buddha” is the best way to get rid of suffering, and also the best way to destroy karma!

– When reciting “Amitabha Buddha”, one must be sincere, or sometimes in the mind, the thought of grief will arise, this is a sign of good roots, but be careful not to let it happen often, otherwise you will fall in love first. In the sad and sad ghost scene, whenever you have a satisfactory job, you should not be too happy or else you will be immersed in the happy ghost scene!

– Loudly chanting “Amitabha Buddha” should not be too strenuous, to prevent getting sick!

– When you have not been one-pointed, don’t rekindle the desire to see “Amitabha Buddha.” If you have one-pointed mind, your heart and “Amitabha Buddha” are compatible, if your mind is in harmony with the Way, you can see it immediately if you want to see it, if you don’t see it. no problem at all.

The practice of the Pure Land School is mainly about reciting the name of Amitabha Buddha and visualizing Ultimate Bliss.

If you urgently want to see “Amitabha Buddha”, your mind wanders, the idea that you want to see it closes in your heart, then it becomes a great disease of spiritual practice, and for a long time, many unjust people will be born, thereby manipulating your delusions into your body. Buddha, satisfied to repay the old vengeance, his own mind did not have right view, the whole was the qi of the ghost, once he saw it, he gave birth to a happy heart, from which the demon entered the mind of the palace, relying on the demon to go crazy, even if Amitabha Buddha, don’t know what to do either. Should only be one-pointed, there is no need to expect to see “Amitabha Buddha”, right?!

– Diseases and ghosts are caused by karma of previous lives, just often sincerely and earnestly reciting “Amitabha Buddha” will the disease self-relieve and the ghost will go away. Reciting “Amitabha Buddha” again after dedicating, for all the wrongdoers in the past life, dedicate it, so that they will be imbued with the benefits of reciting “Amitabha Buddha” and be born in a good land!

– 1 sentence (Namo Amitabha Buddha or Amitabha Buddha) constantly secretly remembering and reciting, whenever random thoughts arise such as anger, lust, aggression, anger, … I immediately thought that I was the one who recited “Amitabha Buddha”, how could these thoughts arise! When such thoughts arise, they will stop immediately. For a long time, all thoughts will hurt the mind, and the gods will arise from nowhere!

– Every day the dedication to the sentient beings in the Dharma Realm. If this practice session is for this sentient being, and that practice session is for that sentient being, that’s fine too. But there must be a general dedication in order to be compatible with the three types of dedication.

Those three dedications are:

1. Redirect your feet like the real thing.

2. Dedication to Bodhi Buddha, complete mindfulness.

3. Dedication to sentient beings in the Dharma Realm co-born in the Land of Ultimate Bliss!

River of Mind: Pure Land (I)

Cultivating the pure land without daring to single-mindedly vow to be reborn in the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss is difficult to succeed.

Cultivating the pure land without daring to single-mindedly vow to be reborn in the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss is difficult to succeed.

Pure Land Dharma

The Pure Land School or the Pure Land School (zh. jìngtǔ-zōng 淨土宗, ja. jōdo-shū), sometimes known as the Lotus School (zh. 蓮宗), is a sect of Buddhism, this school is recognized widely circulated in China, Japan, and Vietnam, founded by Chinese monk Huiyuan (zh. 慧遠, 334-416) and developed in Japan by Fa Nhien (法然, ja. hōnen). The purpose of the Pure Land School is to study in order to be reborn in the Western Pure Land (sa. sukhāvatī) the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha.

The characteristic of this school is the fervent faith in Amitabha Buddha and the saving power of this Buddha, who has made a vow to save all sentient beings who visualize him. Therefore, this sect’s policy is sometimes called “faithful faith”, even some say it is “easy”, because it only relies on an external force (other force) which is Amitabha Buddha.

The practice of Pure Land Buddhism is mainly about chanting names Amitabha Buddha and visualize Ultimate Bliss. The three important texts of the Pure Land School are: the Sutra of Infinite Life (sa. sukhāvatī-vyūha), the Sutra of Amitabha (sa. amitābha-sūtra) and the Sutra of the Contemplation of Infinite Life (sa. amitāyurdhyāna-sūtra).

Today Pure Land Buddhism is the most popular sect of Buddhism in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

The pure land of today is the world. The pure land of the present is the realm here and now. Pure Land Buddhism not only recites the Buddha’s name but still practices Mahayana, which means that it is determined and must be contemplated next. Contemplating the Sutra of the Royal Tomb of the Tomb, achieving no birth of the Dharma. Thus, those who practice Pure Land need to know that meditation in the Pure Land is contemplation, after reciting the Buddha’s name with one mind without disturbance, they have attained concentration. We must study other sutras such as Hoa Nghiem Mausoleum, these two sutras teach us about the mind and consciousness, and the qualities of hearing, seeing, awareness, as well as myriad dharmas that are transformed by the mind. To practice Pure Land is to cultivate the mind to tame the mind and stay calm. Reciting the Buddha’s name is just a means to the concentration of the mind, Amitabha Buddha is a recitation with other power to help us go to Buddha and we become one. Then we contemplate anything to achieve awareness. To have contemplation is to have wisdom. So what do we perceive? First we reflect on the Pure Land, to be or not to be. Is it here and now, or is it possible to return to the Pure Land after death? Contemplating our mind and Amitabha Buddha’s mind are one. That is the mind of Buddha. Pure Land Buddhism is Faith and Happiness. Faith is believing in the western realm and firmly believing. The aspiration force is that sentient beings have the wish to return to Amitabha Buddha and bring them back to the pure land. Conduct is the practice of performing the actions of sentient beings according to Amitabha Buddha. Reciting Buddha’s Dharma Realm is reciting the Pure Land realm. Namo Amitabha Buddha. The Pure Land Dharma-door takes Faith, Vow, and Hanh as its sect like a pedestal with three legs, lacking a sock that cannot stand.

* Faith is the basis of a cultivator. If in doubt, the flower will not bloom.

First: We must firmly believe that, out of compassion, Buddha Shakyamuni teaches us that the words in the sutras are true. Worrying about not practicing mindfulness, worrying about Amitabha Buddha, Shakyamuni lied. Very mundane, righteous people do not lie to deceive anyone, let alone the Buddha’s law forbidding false speech, could it be that he deceived the world.

Second: Be sure that: In addition to the world we still live in, there is definitely a world of Ultimate Bliss, with many happy things led by Amitabha Buddha as the leader.

Third: Must firmly believe that; We are ordinary people with many obstacles, we cannot just rely on our own strength to escape birth and death in this one life, we must ask Buddha for help.

Fourth: You must firmly believe that: Amitabha Buddha has a great vow, if any sentient beings recite his name and pray for his kingdom, when he dies, he will certainly be led to be reborn in the Ultimate Bliss.

Reciting the Buddha's name is precious in the mind, but you should not give up reading, chanting out loud and bowing before the Buddha's table because body, mouth, and mind help each other.

Reciting the Buddha’s name is precious in the mind, but you should not give up reading, chanting out loud and bowing before the Buddha’s table because body, mouth, and mind help each other.

* Vow means vow. Cultivating the pure land without daring to single-mindedly vow to be reborn in the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss is difficult to succeed. If you vow with one heart and one mind to not change your will to be reborn, it will be sustainable. The vow must be strong. No matter who says any good dharma, no matter who says that he will attain enlightenment in this world, or attain Nirvana in the present, I do not believe it, nor give up my wish to be reborn. A person who has a vow is someone who has a firm stance, who is steadfast in Bodhi, who dares to swear that even if he is poor, rich, poor, sick, or disabled, he will not change his will to follow Amitabha Buddha to return to the Pole. The stronger the vow, the more profound the new religion will be. I vow to leave this world and be reborn in Ultimate Bliss like a prisoner longing to be released from prison, like a person who is far away and misses his homeland. If you have not been reborn in the Pure Land, even if you become a king in the next life, you will not like it because you still have to reincarnate, just want to be taken to the West by the Buddha at the end of your life. Only then will our vows reach the Buddha and the Buddha’s vows will be able to accept us. Although Amitabha vows to save birth, but if sentient beings don’t need him to guide him, he doesn’t know what to do. If you want to be born in the West, you have to believe deeply and sincerely. Without these two things, no matter how much you recite the Buddha’s name, you can’t touch the Buddha; only receive blessings in the human or human realm and sow the cause of liberation later. If faith is enough, thousands of people will be reborn without missing one. Binh was born without faith, at the time of death it was difficult to rely on the Buddha’s power to lead. At death, both good and bad karma appear, if you do not have faith, the force of karma will attract you to lose self-control. If you only rely on your own strength, even if there is still a speck of karma, you will not be able to escape birth and death. Reciting the Buddha’s name to one mind without any faith, there are only a few lucky people out of countless people who are reborn. Using sincere faith, no matter whether the karma is heavy or light, it is all thanks to the power of rebirth. For example, a small grain of sand will sink into the water, whereas a stone weighing thousands of pounds can be carried on a large boat. The Avatamsaka Sutra says: When a person nears his death, in the final moment all his senses are destroyed, all his relatives are far away, all his powers are dissolved, and only…


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