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Compassion is the realm of completely abandoning the ego, thinking for others, and the pure goodwill of a cultivator born after giving up all his attachments and desires.

Obstacle-free compassion, inconceivable dharma power

There was a man lost in the middle of a vast desert. After many days of struggling with the food, the food ran out he was tired and hungry because there was no water to drink. While searching for a source of water to drink, he came across a tent and found there an old and rusted water pump. Glad the man hurried over, clutched the handle, tried to pump, but not a single drop of water came out.

Disappointed, the new man searched around the tent. At this point, he discovered a small vase. Brushing off the dust from the pitcher, he read the words carved into it: “Pour all the water in this jar into the pump. And before you go away, remember to refill this jar with water.”

Compassionate mind is big enough, we will be like a great tree, still standing before the storm of hatred.

The man opened the lid of the bottle and found it full of water. The man was in a state of hesitation, if he drank the water in the bottle right away, he could surely survive. But if he poured all the water into the pump, it would probably pump a lot of water and because of that he could save many lives. That man, after filling the pump with water, began to press on the lever of the pump in the hope that it would pump a lot of water, he pumped once, twice, three times…. But there was no sign of water, although a bit frustrated because he was too tired, but the man persisted in pumping up and down steadily, ….pour cool and fresh water began to flow from the old pump. . The man was so happy that he quickly poured water into the jug and drank it deliciously.

This giving is also known as charity It is divided into three parts: the giving of money and material possessions, the giving of the golden teachings of the Buddha, and the giving of fearlessness, the giving of fearlessness. These three parts of giving are born out of compassion and compassion for all sentient beings equally.

Nowadays we often give away our material possessions, but if we don’t have money, how can we give? The Buddha taught that there are two ways to give gifts: one is internal and the other is external. We need to fully understand that almsgiving and sharing can be done by anyone. People with money see the poor, helping to share money or food, food for them.

The temple kitchen burns with the fire of compassion

On the way to study, we need to generate a great compassion.

On the way to study, we need to generate a great compassion.

If we are poor and have no money, we see people in need, we use our efforts to help them through the tribulation, that is, giving of internal resources, ie giving by meritorious services. Another example, if Buddhists on the road see a piece of broken glass, we pick it up and put it in the trash so that other people don’t step on it. Or when we meet some elderly people who are going through a difficult road, we lead them through the road safely, that is to give internal resources, that is, to bring our bodies to help others.

Thus, helping others can be done by everyone, because we are greedy and selfish, so we don’t dare to help people when we have predestined conditions. On the way to study, we need to generate a great compassion. From is to bring joy, compassion is to save suffering. Bringing joy through studying the Buddhadharma to save suffering for people and property, thus we are generating compassion. The act of giving with internal and external talents are specific images that make people temporarily less miserable and happy.

12 vows to practice according to the compassionate conduct of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara


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