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On the afternoon of September 30, TT. Thich Nhat Tu has become the first Vietnamese representative to receive awards from four major Buddhist organizations in India. Due to the complicated situation of the epidemic, the award ceremony was only held in an online form.

The ceremony was attended by HT. Pragyadeep – General Secretary of the All India Sangha, based in Bihar state; HT. Vinay Bodhi – President of the Indian Sangha in Ho Chi Minh City. Mumbai; TT. Like Nhat Tu – Member of the Student Council, Standing Deputy Director of the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Ho Chi Minh City, Abbot of Giac Ngo Pagoda; Mr. Chandrabodhi Patil – President of Indian Buddhist Association; Ms. Sulekha Tai Kumbhare – President of Ogawa Association, City. Nagpur, India; Dr. Anand Raj Ambedkar, grandson of Bodhisattva Bimrao Ramji Ambedkar; Mr. Gagan Malik, the main actor in the movie “The Life of Buddha (Sri Siddhartha Gautama)”.

“Social Change and World Peace Award”.

In recognition of the contributions of TT. Thich Nhat Tu in the work of spreading the Buddhadharma, contributing to social change, creating peace and well-being for people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, 3 awards include “Change Award”. Social Change and World Peace Award”, “Exemplary COVID-19 Social Work Award”, “Excellent Leader Award” Best Leadership Award” was awarded by HT. Pragyadeep, HT. Vinay Bodhi and Mr. Chandrabodhi Patil respectively gave them to the Venerable.

“Exemplary COVID-19 Social Work Award” (Exemplary COVID-19 Social Work Award)

“Exemplary COVID-19 Social Work Award” (Exemplary COVID-19 Social Work Award)

At the same time, during a long period of dedication to Buddhist education in the country, as the Standing Vice President of the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Ho Chi Minh City, TT. Thich Nhat Tu and other venerable monks of the Academy Executive Council have been and will be building the Academy to develop according to a modern learning model; from there, opening the way to spread Buddhism for monks and nuns in the new era. Representative of Ogawa Association, City. Nagpur, India, Ms. Sulekha Tai Kumbhare presented “The Award for Mindful Educator” to President. Thich Nhat Tu, in recognition of the Venerable’s outstanding contributions to Buddhist moral education, leading to personality building and social change.

“Best Leadership Award”

“Best Leadership Award”

Venerable Thich Nhat Tu released the music album “Homeland – Vietnamese Dharma”

After being honored at 4 awards, TT. Like Nhat Tu shared: “There are no words to describe this unforgettable moment, instead it is the language of my heart. For me, it was an unprecedented experience to be honored with 4 different awards, given on the same day, representing international recognition for my contributions to the development of Buddhism. and serve humanity.”

“The Award for Mindful Educator”

“The Award for Mindful Educator”

Besides, the Venerable also mentioned the role of Buddhism in today’s hottest war, the fight against COVID-19: “From 2020 to now, the world has been going through one of the dark times. The darkest in human history with negative impacts in all aspects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a disciple of the Buddha of Great Compassion, I care for the people, families, communities and countries directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe that our mission to provide relief to the poor and needy during this challenging time should continue for the good of humanity.”

TT.  Thich Nhat Tu at the online ceremony.

TT. Thich Nhat Tu at the online ceremony.

Most Venerable Thich Nhat Tu: Rely on yourself, create good conditions

It is known that during the 4th outbreak of the disease, the Temple of Enlightenment – Buddha Day Foundation under the direction of TT. Thich Nhat Tu, has actively implemented a series of relay programs, sharing difficulties with people. These are welfare gift bags, food portions, food, 10-day medicine sets for F0 on the 1st floor, 2nd floor for home treatment, free oxygen tanks, ventilators, oxygen generators, medical masks… All gifts are “run” to the disadvantaged during the period of isolation according to Directive 16 of the Prime Minister.


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