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Professor, Labor Hero Vu Khieu passed away at 12:37 this afternoon, September 30, at the Viet Xo Friendship Hospital, at the age of 105.

Professor Vu Khieu – real name is Dang Vu Khieu, born on September 19, 1916 in Hanh Thien village, Xuan Hong commune, Xuan Truong district, Nam Dinh province. As an inheritor of the studious tradition of the Dang Vu family, after graduating from Bonnal School (Ngo Quyen – Hai Phong) from the French colonial period, he persistently studied East-West culture, from ancient times to modern.

As an erudite scholar of East-West culture, he has compiled and published many important cultural and historical works of great value and significance not only for today but also for all eternity. after. Among them are many typical works such as: Beautiful (1963), Heroes and Artists (1972), Revolution and Art (1979); especially the massive and valuable scientific work “Talking about Vietnamese culture”…

With great and especially outstanding contributions to the country, Professor was honored to be awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize by the State (1995), conferred the title of Labor Hero in the renovation period (in 2000). ); First-class Independence Medal (2006), received the title of Distinguished Citizen of Hanoi Capital (2010) and many other noble awards…

Professor, Labor Hero Vu Khieu.

Being a great example of self-study spirit, passionate and creative work; Dedicating his whole life to science, the revolution and the nation, Professor always has good feelings for everyone; always led by comrades, former leaders of the Party, State, ministries, central branches, collectives, individuals and people in many localities; friends and colleagues at home and abroad; Party committees and people of Xuan Truong district, Nam Dinh province trust and respect.

The most important and joyful thing is that in the past few decades, despite being at the age of “Seventeen decades”, “Eight immortals”, “Nine products”, “Baiteen years”, the Professor’s spirit and intellect are still sharp and bright. transparent; continues to work and make important contributions to the country and homeland. The professor said, “At the age of 85, when I received the title of Hero of Labor, I thought that once I was a hero, how could I have a day off. I am determined to return to work and vow that from here until the end, I will not have a day off.”

As a native of Xuan Truong, Nam Dinh, Professor – Labor Hero Vu Khieu always has a heart for his homeland, giving his hometown good and dear feelings; always pondering, giving many valuable ideas to the leaders of the district and province with the desire to develop and flourish the homeland. Professors are always interested in and encouraging learning; the maintenance and promotion of traditions and cultural identities unique to the district and the province. Over the years, despite his advanced age, even when he is not healthy, the Professor has always turned to his homeland, visiting and encouraging, giving couplets and greetings when there is a big event; spend time visiting the old school; Every year, he still attends the Keo Pagoda Festival in Hanh Thien village, attends the opening of the new school year at the high school named after the professor’s pseudonym Cao Phong in his hometown.

Professor’s honor is also the honor and pride of Xuan Truong’s hometown, clan and family. Xuan Truong people really appreciate the Professor’s intelligence, virtue, heart, affection, diligence, diligence, concern and contributions to their homeland and country.

With the great dedication of Professor, Labor Hero Vu Khieu, each of us Buddhists should single-mindedly pray for the spirit of Professor Vu Khieu to increase his concentration power, enter the bardo body, and be transcended into the realms of the world. heal:

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