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Living in the present moment is the practical spirit of a true Buddhist. People live with too much worry, too much fear, they will not be peaceful, peaceful, happy at all. Buddha lived very peacefully and calmly before all the fluctuations of life.

How to have peace of mind?

Even if he was scolded, criticized, criticized or slandered by others, he still controlled himself peacefully and freely. An anxious night of not being able to sleep can make us irritable and agitated. Anger distorts one’s face and makes it look uglier and more ferocious.

If we cannot resolve it, we will hold that internal link in our hearts and become enmity and hatred, making it even more serious. The opposite of anger is that we have great love with an understanding heart, so we have peace of mind, happiness stimulates more excitement in the body, making us seem younger and healthier than ever.

To have peace of mind, we must absolutely never have the thought of killing living things. That is the message of love that Buddhism calls harmless or not killed. We first generate the thought of not harming others and begin to accompany our words to lead to non-harmful actions.

When we have harmed others, people will find ways to harm us. From then on, our mind began to worry and fear for fear of revenge; So ask how can we be secure. A peaceful mind is a mind that is free from stress, fear, or sadness or oppression.

Living in the present moment is the practical spirit of a true Buddhist.

Peace of mind The mind is pure, gentle, cool, peaceful. When we are at peace, we are not burned by the fire of desire, anger, or delusion or sorrow. However, to have peace of mind does not mean that we live passively, feebly and weakly.

Those who are often immersed in sensual pleasures are those who believe that “death is the end”, there is only this one life, so they must enjoy it for the rest of their lives. These people rush to get rich, rush to compete, rush to enjoy with a materialistic lifestyle, they will never bring themselves and others peace and happiness.

To have peace and happiness, we need to master the following principle: “Don’t remember the past, don’t think about the future, live in the present moment”.

Living in the present moment is the practical spirit of a true Buddhist. Lamenting, regretting the past or dreaming about the future makes you more immersed in illusions, or run after dreams and lose yourself in the present.

Buddhism came to live, not to beg and beg in vain. Buddhism instructs us to transform our minds to remember the past or to the future without purpose.

We cannot find peace and happiness just by praying, but we have to make our own efforts and transform each concept, not allowing them to manipulate us.

When we want to give up like this, we not only need to persevere and endure, but also have enough energy to boldly give up our bad habits and bad habits, not just go to the temple to worship and pray to the gods. Buddhas, Bodhisattvas bless, help save suffering and save lives, will be liberated from suffering, calamities, and diseases.

If in us there are thoughts of greed, anger, delusion, jealousy, envy, lies, deceit… then all those thoughts are called negative because they disturb our body and mind. giving us insecurity, causing troubles and suffering.

Peace of mind in all things – Pure mind in a dignified place

Instead of negative thoughts as mentioned above, we must regularly expand our hearts of love, equality, and respect for people and things. In addition, we must also rejoice in the good deeds of others and always be happy, ready to share suffering and joy with everyone.

First, we want to have peace of mind, lightness, we must have compassion, love and equality; Therefore, we must not kill and always appreciate the lives of all animals, because everyone is greedy for life and afraid of death.

I have not killed living things, but also released, helped people, and saved things; space greed, robbery, deception of people, but also alms, help, share, or exchange their understanding with others with humanity in life; do not drink heavily or use toxic substances such as cigars, drugs, harming themselves and causing harm to family and society.

Anyone who has committed and committed the above three things is difficult to be at peace in life, it is the key to causing resentment and hatred that leads to extreme suffering.

Finally, we must always control ourselves through our body, speech and mind, not allowing them to give rise to thoughts that are harmful to people and things. If our mind is small and unselfish, just like a glass full of water, even a little salt will make the water in the glass undrinkable; But if our mind is vast and immeasurable, like the water on the Saigon River, even a handful of salt will not be absorbed.

Peace of mind in France

Buddhism instructs us to transform our minds to remember the past or to the future without purpose.

Buddhism instructs us to transform our minds to remember the past or to the future without purpose.

Now let’s all listen to Hui Ke’s method of peace of mind. The art of the Patriarchs is to advise us to look back at each of our thoughts, not let them arise from the first thought, nothing will happen to damage life.

Mr. Than Quang, before meeting Bodhidharma, even sat in meditation all day, but his mind was still wandering and chaotic. One day, when he met the Patriarch, he said “my mind is not at peace, please teach me”. The patriarch said, “bring your mind to peace”.

Normally, we see our mind as real, so I think, I calculate, I’m like this, I’m like that… Here, the Patriarch didn’t say anything sublime but just said, “bring your mind to you.” I’m safe for you”.

Mr. Than Quang did not know how to present his mind to the Patriarch, because the mind was sometimes hidden, sometimes present, sometimes present, sometimes not, so when he looked back and did not see where his mind was, he panicked and said to the Patriarch, ” I can’t find my mind”.

The patriarch said, “I have already given you peace of mind”. So, where is peace of mind? Here you have to look closely to see the deep meaning of it. This is the magic of the Patriarchs, the “peace of mind” of the Patriarchs is so ordinary, so ordinary that we cannot expect it.

When we are angry we know we are angry, when we are greedy we know we are greedy, we don’t need to fight it, we don’t need to banish it, we don’t need to get rid of it. is the “peace of mind.”

Under the eaves of the temple – peace of mind

Ah! It turned out that Mr. Than Quang had received the peace of mind, but it was not like that. It was not until a while later that the patriarch found his mind quietly and always shining, so he went to the group to report to the group, “Master, my heart is in my heart. end all conditions”. The patriarch said “watch out for falling into the void” – “how to fall into the void” – “how do you know” – “you usually know clearly, say you can’t come”.

The patriarch said, “This is the transmission of the Buddhas, you should not doubt”. Peace of mind without a place of peace, also known as “ordinary mind” is the Way. So what is “ordinary mind”? Is often know clearly, said can not come.

The message of life is here to pause, I hope that all dharma brothers near and far will receive the peace of mind of the Patriarch to live a peaceful and happy life right here and now.


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