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On the morning of October 3, 2021, Venerable Thach Truong, abbot of Pray Vo Pagoda (Sa Van Pagoda) and the Management Board of the temple, organized to give 151 gifts to disadvantaged Khmer Buddhist people in the area. Ngoc Bien commune, Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province.

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The Sene Donta Festival is one of the traditional festivals of the Khmer people in the South, imbued with the traditional cultural identity of the nation since ancient times. This year, the ceremony took place in the midst of a complicated and unpredictable epidemic, in order to help Buddhists in difficult circumstances welcome a “joyful, safe and happy” holiday season.

With the support of strong sponsors at home and abroad, Sa Van Pagoda has given 151 gifts to poor people, lonely elderly and hard-to-learn students, each worth 200,000 VND. including: rice, soy sauce, cash,… With a total budget of 30.2 million VND.


At the gift-giving ceremony, Venerable Thach Truong, propagated and mobilized Buddhists to continue strictly implementing 5K (not to gather more than 20 people when coming to the temple), to celebrate Sene Donta at home briefly, but fully. rituals, to ensure the safety and health of themselves and those around them.


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