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The gentle method of living is designed to balance all aspects of life and is applicable to all cultures and religions.

I am part of mother nature

You don’t have to pay to be able to practice and improve dramatically based on each person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition to the fullest.

Based on psychophysiological standards, this method of living can fundamentally promote health and well-being, and strengthen one’s emotions and intuition. It helps us to perceive the overall picture of the future of the Earth and the unity of people with awakening. Most importantly, this method directs all actions towards harmony with nature.

And start applying these 8 things to your daily life:

1. Meditation.

2. Pray.

3. Master your mind and be mindful.

4. Eat only plants.

5. Exercise.

6. Community service.

7. Spend time with nature in silence.

8. Listen to soothing meditation music.


Phuong-phap-song-nhe-incense 2

Sit down, be quiet and still for a while each morning. Be one with yourself, listen and feel yourself deep within.

Meditation is the purity and totality of inner development according to the laws of the universe. Meditation is a way for us to awaken our inner senses, experience the inner world, and change accordingly.

Meditate by observing the energy of the breath, the rhythm of the biological body, the frequency of love and wisdom, 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon.

Developing your awareness of the breath allows you to stay in a meditative state throughout the day and brings your mind back to the soothing alpha frequencies.


Prayer is a connection to the being itself. Prayer is the story you want to tell yourself, your best friend

According to research in the US, patients who pray for health recover faster than those who do not pray.

Master your mind and stay mindful. It means mastering the mind, not letting it control itself, and eliminating the limiting and negative thoughts of the mind by understanding the multidimensional spiritual science and the mind power of creation. Mastering the mind and awakening helps people change their perception for the benefit of themselves and the world.

Living mindfully from growing vegetables

Only eat plants

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Vegetarianism is evidenced by the following three principles:

Health: Many studies have proven that eating only plants brings health in all aspects.

Sensitivity and compassion: Accepting vegetarian meals means you are experiencing energy with “theta” and “delta” frequencies that make it easier to explore the multidimensional spiritual world. It is also the art of compassion for the animal world of man. Protect environmental resources.

Do exercise

Cherish your body as a temple of enlightenment as nature’s superior creator. Find the right exercises from Tai Chi, Modern Yoga, Qigong or Dance to control your weight and get a strong and balanced physical system. Choose a program that you love so that you can do it regularly every day.

Serve the community

Help do something useful for the people around you without expecting anything in return. A pure heart helps us to have stronger energy, serving the community also becomes enjoyable and easy. Donate a portion of your income to support the upbringing and education of children around the world. Community service gives us the selflessness and compassion of pure love.

Spend time with nature in silence

Phuong-phap-song-nhe-incense 4

Are we really living?

Integrating with fresh nature helps us to receive more Earth energy (prana) and become awake and loving the Earth in a positive way. Spending time with nature in silence nourishes the soul, allows the body to appreciate the beauty of creation and strengthens the mind. Silence is a great teacher, when at peace, you come back to reality in every moment to discover the secret of the higher energy realm.

Two of the most beautiful frequencies that humans can be present are compassion and love. It is easier for a pure heart to receive the support of the multidimensional spiritual kingdom. Everyone can use music or songs to calm the emotional body.

Get up


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